Wednesday, February 9

Back to normal

I have decided that this move is just the beginning. It has been crazy. I feel like every day I either had a Dr. apt i was going to (weekly now), or a cable/internet/fridge guy, i was waiting for. If it wasn't that, I was painting, then moving our stuff back to our old place so they could bomb for termites. Then motivating my self to unpack boxes and clean. The bulk of the move has finished but we are far from normal. Every night we have some project. Well, Rusty has projects. Granted they are usually things that need to be done, but I am ready to have him come home and just be home. As soon as we are done with our projects, this baby is going to come. And we will have to figure out a new normal. That one I am excited about!

As for the new place, I am so happy. Rusty and I finally have a room to call our own. Hanalei loves to play in her room, usually she tells me "come on" then "sit" while patting her bed. Then she will bring over what ever toy we are going to play with. She is such a bossy little thing, but it cracks me up. Yesterday she told Rusty, who was talking on the phone, "all done, bye bye" cause she wanted his attention. Night time in her own room was no problem at all. But naps have been up and down. SOme times it would be 45 mins I could hear her playing or walking around.

So I decided I needed to have a routine. Much like the evening routine, just shorter. Read a few books, turn on the fans. The big thing too was telling her what was coming. So far it is working.
She is so precious to Rusty and I. We are constantly just ohhing and ahhing over her. I can't wait for her to meet brother! We all are so excited to have him with us.

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