Wednesday, February 9

All Girl, Growing Up

First time getting into mom's makeup...
But not the last time.

Some of the other girly things Hanalei loves are:
Picking her clothes
Requesting dresses
Always picks pink or purple
Mothering her baby doll and teddy bear (puts a blanket on, puts them to bed with a kiss, pats their bums on her shoulder)

Funny things she is doing or saying:
Obsessed with closing doors and lids
Being bossy to mom dad and little boys
Shakes her head so her hair flies everywhere then says "your turn"
Points to her self and says "me" then to Mom and Says "you" Then i chime in and we go back and forth
Always wants two of everything
"Bye bye, Later"
"Monkey in the tree" then looks to the side with a surprised look
The other day she grabbed Rusty's face and started mumbling to him as if she was scolding him.
At the zoo with Reiley and Miley Looking at Elephants

Smart things she is doing:
Counting to ten
Identifying numbers 4 and 5
Identifying many letters
The other day she was holding my Olay face lotion and she said "o" and then "y"
She requests the ABC song nightly and can say most of the letters in order
Recognizes when there are 2 of something "2 blankets" or "2 Helicopters"

I just love watching her explore and become more independent.


Erin said...

how cute is she! I cant believe you are having a boy in a month! c razy!!!!

Elise said...

So glad you've emerged from your moving stupor! Where are you living? I want details. And more pictures! Holy cow, I hardly recognize that little girl!