Wednesday, November 16

My Girl!

People always say that Hanalei looks like Rusty. She is all Rueckert.
She might look like a Rueckert but the Wilcox in her sneaks out every now and again.

She has grandma's green thumb
She loves to sing, especially while watering tomatoes
She loves kitties, definitely not from her dad
Wait for it...wheels are turning
Thats MY girl!


My little Hanalei has a great imagination. She loves to be a mommy to her dolls, call people on the phone, and give creative reports when dad asks what we did that day. Its so fun to see her expand her mind. Lately we have been making forts and having pretend picnics. This time we had a rain storm so we needed an umbrella.

Feed Me!

Waimea is getting so grown up now. Its crazy how big they seem when you can pretty much throw whatever dinner is, on their tray. Even ribs, Which is surprisingly a great teether with nutritional benifits. And for dessert Waimea dimples. Yummy! Love that boy!

Tuesday, November 1

Can you tell me how to get,

How to get to Sesame Street?!
Oscar, Big Bird, The Count, and Elmo