Saturday, November 20

Washing the Car

Living on the North Shore, or by any ocean is the best, I love it. But with a new car Rusty is constantly washing it to keep the salt water from destroying it. Hanalei loves to help.
I love this zoner look
Dad will show you how
She had a near melt down when dad took the towel, so she got her own rag
Now we can really get down to business

Friday, November 19

The Zoo

I have been wanting to take Hanalei to the zoo for months but I wanted Rusty to go too. We finally made it happen. It was such a fun day.

A Rare Family Photo
She is truly stunning, even with all the dirt on her legs
Jonny and Breanne came with us. Marilyn, I mean Hanalei loves Jonny
I wonder what she is thinking about in this moment
One of the higlights seeing this very large picture of a Gecko (Mo'o)
As if we don't see enough of them in our apt.
The cutest monkey at the zoo
She loved every spot we visited. I should have taken more pictures as always. It was fun to see her say and sign many of the animals we saw.
They had a ton of tortoises at various spots around the zoo. We happened to see some maiting. The male was making some crazy noises that scared Hanalei half to death. Jonny was excited to learn what a turtle says.

Tuesday, November 9

19 Months

I am SO big now!

And look at all my Hair!

Things I'm doing now:
*Saying Prayers...(melts mommy and daddy's heart)
*Coloring like crazy, not just on paper
*Requesting to use the potty but no potty yet
*Talking a bunch some of my new favorite words are
ahcock - Peacock
lello - yellow
frucl - Freckle
buder - brother (signs and points to my tummy)
Ah Man!
These Koi Fish were Crazy Revolting

Some for the Peacock Some for Me

Daddy is brave, those peacocks can be scary

Things I love:
*Feeding chickens, peacocks, fish, and sometimes kitty
*Helping mom do everything (laundry, cooking, cleaning, even peeing...sigh)
*When Daddy comes home
*Hiding under pillows and blankets
*Playing with the cd case (and ripping the slots in the process)
*Going on walks bikes and mopeds
*Skyping with my family (so FUN!)
*Swimming and digging at the beach

Favorite Foods (She asks for them by name):
Crackers in all varieties
Dip (ranch dressing, she'll eat just about anything if she can "dip dip")
Juice & Milk