Friday, September 26

Butterflies in My Stomach

So, today I went to the doctor for a visit. Very exciting things you know...breast exam, paps, urine samples, its almost like...going to a day spa! But Better! Cause I didn't know about one thing they were going to do.

They did the thingy that lets you hear the heart beat of the baby! Fun! So she's looking around trying to find the little wipper sanppers heart beat and listening to the sounds of my insides make their music...then bamb she found it. Except it didn't sound like a heart beat it sounded like air being blown quickly over and over. Little butterfly wings for a heart. It was very exciting. I wish Rusty could have been there. Its been hard trying to get apts. around my work schedule let alone both of ours. I actually had to get a sub for the first half of the day. When I came back after lunch all my kids were like,
"Mrs. Rueckert,we missed you, were you sick? Why were you gone?"
"I Had a Drs. Apt."
I hesitate, then say, "I wasn't sick I was doing something exciting (day spa). Do you want to know what I was doing? "Many big eyes and mouths awaited. "Mrs. Rueckert is going to have a baby!"
Many voices and a few hands shot up. So we did question and answer for about 10 mins along with many stories of their experiences with babies. My favorite comment, "Mrs. Rueckert you don't look like your going to have a baby."
Bless you homework for you. I quickly said, "I will get bigger."
And of course, "Are you still going to be our teacher after you have the baby?"
"Well, someone will come and help me teach you...but I'll come visit."
"And will you bring the baby?"
"Of Course!"

They are very sweet! I love these guys...even though they can get under ones skin. So I opened up my big mouth. It will be a few more mins before the rest of the North Shore of Hawaii gets news of my bun in the oven. I already had one parent ask min after the bell rang.

Monday, September 22

My New Excuse for Everything

So Announcement! I am pregnant! Not THAT pregnant. And when I am as big as her I won't be as artsy as this lady to get this pose.

I am 11 weeks along. Due April 11th. Don't know the sex yet but had my first ultra sound to see the heart and the alien inside of me. I am one of the LUCKY who didn't get very sick. I just had a couple weeks of wipeout! Where you feel like the train hit ya. After that I felt great.

The last two weeks have been fabulous! I feel like me again. Don't tell anyone cause its a great way to get out of...just about anything. For example..."Why haven't you updated your blog?"..."Oh, I've been feeling kinda sick, you know, the critter growing inside of me." The possibilities are endless as to what you can get out of.

Even Rusty has enjoyed using this unborn child to get out of a thing or two. Mostly he has been enjoying the snacks I bring to church. It seems as though he enjoys church a lot more. Should have thought of that sooner.