Tuesday, September 29

What's it going to be Weaver?

Hanalei and I made a new friend at the beach. His name is Max and he is a weaver. He practically begged me to let him make my "son" a hat. (She was wearing a blue shirt, but pink shorts and a head band) I said sure and this was the end result.

What do you do to Prepare for a Tsunami?

Pedicures of course!

A girls gotta look her best...even in a state of emergency. Turns out the warning has been lifted and we won't be eating our food storage after all. But it was ice knowing we had it.

Tuesday, September 22

CALI! part 1

WE started in the Lazy River
Aiden liked it, Hanalei...not so much
The kids enjoying their Birthday picnic
Grandma Dee Dee and Hanalei-dee
Uncle Milk and Cousin Alex
Aunt Liz with our cousin Aubrey
Hanalei and Mommy...this is more like it

ROOT BEER with G-pa

bitter beer face
root beer: an acquired taste but the bottles those are always fun...*burp*

A Step Back

I have neglected the blog due to loss of camera cord.

Lets take a walk down memory lane.

Hanalei Eats Rice Cereal: 5 months
Rusty helps Hanalei by making the right face
Hanalei kept leaning her head back when we fed her so I held her head
WARNING: No topping off!

This is the way I roll!

Hanalei made it very clear that she was too big to be laying in her car seat as we cruise around. She would much prefer to stand in her seat and see the world like the rest of us do. It sure did turn a few heads. She would often hold onto the black bar like she was steering the stroller.

Wednesday, September 16

Clean Up!

I Know...I'm Cute!