Monday, March 30

Welcome to the World Hanalei!

Well...we did it! Rusty was so brave! On Monday the 23rd I went into the Hospital because I had a little bit of water leaking through the night. Not enough to think my water broke but enough to make Rusty and I not be able to sleep. We went in and after a few hours and a few tests we we told it's probably "shi shi" meaning pee. Thanks alot. They said if it kept happening to come back in. It did keep happening. Every night just a little leaking. Sorry for those of you who are grosed out. Finally, Thursday, I was conserned enough to go back in and prepared to hear I was just peeing my self again. SUre enough thats what they started telling me after the first few tests. The last test they ran came back positive and that I did have ambiotic fluid leaking out of me...not pee.
So I called Rusty and he came over. They had already started inducing me at 3:30 pm. I felt fine for a while until my water really broke. Then all those contractions I was watching on the monitors actually had an a feeling to go with it. A mean feeling. The pain came quick. Quicker than the nurses and Doctors were expecting. I asked about pain relief and when I should get the epidural. They said we usually wait till your dilated to a 4. On Monday I was dialted to a three. THey checked me and I was at an 8-9. DRUGS NOW! I was going quick. I was just waiting for them to say its too late. Then I would have killed someone. I got the drugs and as soon as they kicked in I could tell I had made the right choice.
Not 20 mins later I was ready to push. The nurse got the doctor and we were going. I pushed for about 15 mins and they said one more big one should do it. It did Hanalei came out with her hands up by her head. She was diving out. Rusty instantly got emotional which was a surprise to me. It made me love him even more. I was just happy for it to be done and have my baby in my arms.

Hanalei Victoria Rueckert
born March 26th 2009 at 8:01 pm
6 lbs 14 oz
19.5 in

She looks just like her Daddy

My Favorite Picture...She has her mamma's long chicken legs and she loves to stretch em out

Monday, March 16

35 weeks

This was taken a week ago so I am 36 weeks now. I am just slow at getting them up on the blog. As you can see its all belly for me. A big belly...yes...but the butt is still a no butt. It looks pretty funny if you ask me.

SOme of the THings I am suffering from:
*constant pee breaks
*back aches (my favorite)
*ankles are starting to swell...not bad though
*sleepless nights...but I have found a pillow system thats working for me, hooray
Some of the Things I love:
*movement...constantly turning, kicking, hula's alive!
*imagining what she will look like and be like
*My sister Sallie's baby was born and its a girl too!
*Everyone has given us sooo much stuff
*Trying to figure out what body part is where (head is down now)
Good Times...I'm so excited to meet my baby!

Sunday, March 1


So Rusty and I did our nesting a while ago. We think were pretty cool. It took two whole days to put it all in with a lot of frustration (we were thinking it would take a few hours). Was it worth it...of course! Its cleaner, brighter, and makes the place look more spacious. Love it! Here is a before kitchen floor.

Nasty! That thing never looked clean even after sweeping and moping.

Day one was the most frustrating because we were going no where fast...until...Jordan came to the rescue. He helped someone put one in before and gave us some good tips.

Long day.

It got tricky on day two when we had to get pieces to fit the weird corners and such. Rusty was a master with the saw.

Well the final product turned out fab. And Hanalei is gonna love it!