Tuesday, July 21

The Big Move...4 months

No we're not moving...but Hanalei did. Into her big girl crib! I can't believe how tiny she looked the first time we put her in it. She was getting way to big for her basinet.
Now she can spread out!
A litttle update on Hanalei... as she approaches 4 months
Hanalei Loves:
  • sitting and standing with help
  • sucking on everything, blankets, toys, hands, washcloths
  • trying to roll over (she has done it but not mastered the technique)
  • the fan but they are growing apart
  • grabbing toys, hair, the kitty, leaves or anything in reach
  • being outside under trees, she could spend hours outside and we usually do
  • to sing when I play the Ukulele
  • to sit in her bumbo chair and play with her toy
  • the beach for about 15 mins and then is ready to go. Luckily its across the street.
We love our little munchkin. How could we not!

Wednesday, July 15

My little Cutie Pie

Hello to all you Hanalei fans...Just thought I'd post some adorable pics of my baby. Enjoy!

First Bath in a Big Girl Tub
Feeding the Turkeys with Grandma Wilcox at our Condo on the Big Island. They Love Honey Bunches of oats and Raisin Bran.

"Let me at em"...our scraper.
Pineapple any one?

I might like the water just a little bit
4th of July
Photo Shoot
Thanks for the dress G-ma!

One of Hanalei's favorite places: under the plumeria tree in our front yard

Tuesday, July 7

And the name he shall be know by is...

Murry Mana Pua Brigham Rueckert

We liked too many names to pick one so this way we can call him whatever we like and it will still be his name. Besides most of the time I say Kitty any ways.
I never thought I would get such responses to this post, thanks for all the suggestions!

Monday, July 6

The Best Hike Ever!

Waipio Valley...Amazing!
We had to get to this fall. It was too much to pass up.
Hanalei...what a trooper. She has been on some amazing hikes for a three-month-old.
We found a tree with a fruit that looked like a bread fruit. I think it might be a Jack Fruit. It was growing from the trunk of the tree and not the branch...strange.
It got pretty thick in here with beautiful plants.
We also found a guava that Mike and Kendra both enjoyed.
Something about barbed wire fences that gets Rusty all fired up.
This is where we had to say good bye to Hanalei. No, we didn't leave her by her self. Kendra volunteered to stay with our sleeping baby. I think Kendra and Hanalei were glad they didn't have to swim through the cold, deep river water.
Off we went on the trail that crossed the river too many times to count. On our way we spotted this gem. A place to....
Jump of course! Rusty tried a gainer first but found it wasn't high enough to get that rotation.
Mike decided to save face and jump in feet first.
This jump may not seem that exciting, it wasn't much when compared to other cliffs we've jumped. But the view, hands down the best.

We went through some bamboo forests.
And before long we had made it to one of the tallest falls i've ever seen.
What a fabulous day! Thanks Kendra for watching Hanalei.

Waipio Valley

This picture for some reason reminds me of the last scene of Goonies, after they find the treasure. Pretty.
So this is Waipio. A little prettier Than the Waipio of Oahu. To get here you have to either walk down a very steep road or four wheel drive it. The last time we were on the big Island we walked. It was a lot nicer driving. You get to this black sand beach and some amazing views.
Hanalei was not too excited about the wind, so I covered her with Kendra's surong. She eventually feel asleep.
The waves were crashing pretty high on the rocks. I think Mike and Kendra could have stayed there all day. THe ocean is a powerful and mesmerizing force.
The ocean carved this rock into a beautiful sculpture.
Beyond this drift wood you can see the end goal. A waterfall. When we came last year there was a second falls that was even larger. It was amazing. I guess they haven't had as much rain this year because we passed right by the place and it was completely dry.
THe Prize.
Hanalei was happy to be done with the hike and under some trees.

Wednesday, July 1

Father's/Blessing Day

Hanalei was blessed on Father's day. We were so glad that both sets of Grandparents could be there for Hanalei's special day. The morning of the blessing was a little hectic. Normally she is so happy for church because she sleeps really well right before church. With the extra noise that company brings she was off her schedule and cranky. I had to take her out during the announcements to calm her. When I handed her off to Rusty to do the blessing she started up again. Rusty started the blessing, paused and Hanalei stopped crying. Rusty was pretty emotional. I am so happy to have such an amazing husband. He is hard working, loving, handsome, fun, and worthy of the priesthood and promptings of the spirit. I love him so much. Hanalei and I are lucky to have him!