Sunday, June 12

Which baby is it?

One of these babies is Waimea and the other is Hanalei.
Don't judge me for putting my little boy in a dress.
It is ammo for when he becomes a sassy teenager.

Summer is here!

It is staying light a little later these days and Hanalei loves to just go play in the sand. We snuck away one evening and were treated to an amazing experience.

The view at three tables was treat enough
But a monk seal decided to nap on the beach to really make the night great
Hanalei acted as if this was a every day thing.
She was completely in her own world until the seal did a big snort.
Then it had her full attention
Me and my "BIG Baby"
She likes to be called BIG lately and in most cases
Big Baby is pretty accurate.
The sunset was perfect just like our night

Mother's Day

I know it was a while ago, but I have been busy, ok fine, I've been too lazy.
Here are the pics with me and my babies!

Rusty got me a beautiful ginger lei. He took Hanalei to the store to buy it and she actually picked it. The purple orchid lei is from church. I love being a mom x2.