Sunday, April 15

Its more fun with a friend...

I heart these two. Lately they have been playing really well together. SO well that when i put them down at night for bed they are laughing and giggling in their room. It makes me very happy that they love each other. Of course they don't always play well, lots of sharing issues. Lots of hanalei stashing things, and saying, "No buddy, No brother!" needless to say one of Waimea's favorite words is no. We will try to focus on the good times.

Smoothies, they love them, and i love sneaking veggies inside
we have one almost every day
does this just scream child hood?
Our pool was in a big trash can growing up...close enough
"I'm moo moo the cow, i eat lots of hay"
I promise i di put clothes on my kids, sometimes
See look, evidence they are playing on the laundry
We love wagons, how else would i be able to
lug these kids and our stuff to the beach?
Hanalei is a little obsessed with band-aids.
WHen we were at grandma's house she went around making
all the "owies" get better, by putting bandaids on any one who would
play along. Grandma sent her box of bandaids to hanalei in a package.
Brother had lots of owies that day.
He didn't really want to play along
So she found some other owies
I love love love these two. I hope they always love each other.

Our Dad is SO RAD!

Rusty often drives the huge trucks full of corn to the Kunia where they have a larger site. Some times he will make the trip three times a day. Well on this particular day I was on my way home when i saw a foal running around with his mommy. So i stopped to show the kids. We were just before the turnoff to rusty's work. He honked and pulled over.

Rusty showing Waimea how to honk the horn
Um, that was cool
Dad was a jungle gym
Waimea was in heaven,
Hanalei was sad that we weren't picking Dad up to take him home
What a cute bunch