Wednesday, October 8

I'm Growing Up...or out

So there are a few questions people ask me when they know I'm pregnant. The first is always..."Is it a boy or a girl?" Good question. Since I haven't had any visions in my dreams my answer is the same. Don't know yet. The other frequent question is..."how far along are you?" When I tell them about 3 months the coment that often comes next is..."oh, then your not showing yet." I wish that were true. Actually its not so bad really. I think its fun to have a "baby bump" as I like to call it. This is the first pic of our little alien hanging on our fridge (cute magnents...thanks mom).

It just blows my mind that something so little can have such an impact on every aspect of my life. Sleeping, eating, peeing, my energy, and even give me a baby bump. I think I might be getting large and in cahrge with this one.

So here it is everyone. My baby bump for all to see..who haven't already seen. Pretty exciting I know...Don't hurt your self with all the excitement!