Thursday, January 29

Hanalei's Shower

Good times had by all! As always my family pulled through with a fun filled party. We had great food:
*Sallie's chicken salad sandwiches
*Pretty cake...I never ate any but it looked fab!
*nuts and mints...shower food
*killer fruit basket...thanks daddy
*Crystal Light
We also had a fun Mad Lib game liz did and a memory game with candy involved. Everyone was cheating which meant everyone was trying real hard.

I got tons of cute clothes, blankets, and accesories for Hanalei and lots of gift cards. Perfect for stuffing in a suit case. Now I just have to take the time to figure out what I still want/need.

I would have to say the highlight of the party was getting a sneak peek into what a beautiful little girl Rusty and I are going to have. Lets just say...worst case senario. Yikes

Thursday, January 15

Baby Hanalei and baby Graham

I quickly wanted to post because many have been asking for a belly shot. Well here are two belly shots. Kara came to visit while I was in Cali. So fun! She is just a couple of weeks behind me in her pregnancy. She is on #3. I got a lot of catching up to do.

Its crazy how my belly just shot out in the last few weeks. My kids were shocked by a few things. 1) my new hair cut 2) My huge belly. #2 is their favorite topic. One little girl probablly told me 5 times in a matter of a few hours how big my belly was. "Its big...really really big." Another girl said, "Your belly got so big Mrs. Rueckert. I think you have two babies inside of your tummy."

Thanks kids.
But really, I understand. They haven't seen me in about a month and it really did go from baby bump to baby mound. With this in mind I went to my dr. fearing that I had gained another ten lbs. Good news...shocking news...only 4 lbs. I told the dr. Whats in here...air? It really is a basketball. Now I don't have to diet...Bring on the ice cream!