Tuesday, June 16

What's in a Name?

I know what your thinking....what an adorable kitty! He is very much so adorable. He is a little bit crazy. If you let him, he would lick your skin till it was raw. If you walk to the laundry there he is, mail box, garden, neighbors...he is always by your side wanting loves. We gave him some advantage so he is clean and flea free. This is our dilemma. We started out calling him Fleabags. How can we call him this when he is so sweet and clean.

We need your help. We have thought of a few names but nothing seems to fit. Our neighbor said to name him after a Mormon leader. I don't think this kitty could live up to Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.
Rusty and I are leaning towards Murray. If you have any ideas let us know.

Saturday, June 13

King Kamehameha, what a guy!

Happy King Kamehameha Day!
To celebrate we thought we would go on one of our favorite hikes, Malaekahana Falls. We invited our friends Lindsey and Jordan to come. It has amazing views and the terrain changes often. We love it. We took my brother Dave and his family when they came to Hawaii.

Well the last time that we did this hike, we didn't have a baby. And I hadn't just given birth. It was a different experience for sure. I was way out of shape and Hanalei wasn't really amped for a 5 hour hike. Adilay did great. She was happy to be outside.

Both kids were happy to be out of their back packs. Thanks to the rock I can put this nude picture of Adilay on the blog. Phew!

Hanalei did awesome on the hike. She let us know when she was done with the back pack and ready took lay back and enjoy the pretty trees.

Of course Rusty had to do his back flip into the pool below. I would have joined him but I wanted to stay dry for Hanalei. The sacrifices a mother makes for her child.

It was an adventure but we had a blast and we are excited to keep hiking with our little Hanalei next week. This time on the big Island with her Grandparents. FUN!

Wednesday, June 3

Summer Days and Nights

Ok....stop singing "Grease"
We have been enjoying, the now much shorter, trips to the beach both day and night. During the day to escape the heat and at night to escape the noises of a overly tired Hanlei.
Yet another attempt to "encourage" a love for the beach. Who am I kidding, she will have no choice but to love it.

See...she loves it.

What a cute family.

That's better.

She just wanted those clothes off.

Sometimes even the evenings are too hot to stay inside. So we can walk across the street to one of Hanalei's favorite places. Yes its the beach but she likes the tress...and her daddy.

This was the view we had after a wonderful bike ride.