Saturday, July 28

Hanalei and her name

Today hanalei started writing her name. I made this worksheet for her. One of the perks of being a former teacher.

Thursday, July 19

Waimea 14 months

My Why Guy!
He is already such a ham! He flirts with everyone. He puts on a shy act, then flashes the dimples and makes everyone fall in love with him.

Dont you just love when they eat well...pasta is one of his favorites
 He really had fun gnawing on this carrot, or anything else he can dip in ranch
Anything with wheels is a big hit for Why-guy. 
This particular toy used to be Wesley's when he was a baby
Sometimes Costco offers more than just yummy samples
 Red Velvet cake batter...good for eating
and for painting
one of the few pictures i took of the kittens we had. 
Waimea is really loving the water lately. The tide pool is a crowd pleaser

Waimea Valley

One of my favorite places to go is right next door to us. Waimea Valley has so much exploring to do. We love to see and feed the peacocks, geese and ducks. If you have never been, you should! 
 My loves
 Hanalei working up the courage
 Every outing has lots of yummy snacks
Hanalei, Waimea, Reilly, and Maille
 Watermelon and pears
 and popcorn for the geese
 not just for the geese
 action shot...see the popcorn in the air?