Thursday, November 26

8 Months

Things I'm Doing Now:

*I can stand all on my own
*I am!
*I am eating baby food again
*Sleeping better at night(I get up to eat @ 4)
*Climbing up the step to our house
*Climbing onto my chair, then standing on it

Things I Love:
*My Kitty, birds, dogs (from a distance)
*Bike Rides
*That's not My Puppy book
*Knocking Down the Blocks
*Walking with Mom or Dad holding my hands
*Baby Signing Time! (I would watch it all day!)
*Mom's Cinnamon rolls...yum!

Things I no likey:
*When mom leaves my sight
*my face wiped
*one of our neighbors...I won't mention names but he makes me cry every time I see him)

Monday, November 9

Halloween...all month

The first Pictures started in California With Aubrey. Sallie was going to leave the next fay so we woke both babies from a dead sleep to get the shoot in.
Aubrey handled it a little better than Hanalei

We got a few good ones of both
Cutest little bugs you ever did see
Next we had the Halloween party for Mother's group
Hanalei's first experience with candy
Edible bug
With friends Corbin (Scooby) and Tara
Now She is getting the hang of it
Ladybug Infestation
Hanalei and Lily
Next was the Ward Trunk-or-Treat

A lot of people went all out on decorating their trunks

Marching in the parade with her Daddy, I mean Raphael
Lastly we carved our pumpkin on Halloween day
Dad wasn't sure he wanted her to dive in to the mess
She had so much fun squishing and pulling the slimy stuff
so many fun textures
Of course eating it was fun too
It did make a big mess but nothing a little water and soap couldn't handle

7 months

Hi there!
Things I'm doing now:
Eating finger foods all by my self
Sitting up
Pulling my self up on everything!
waking up way too much in the night wanting to eat!
Look what I can do Grandma!
Things I love:
Paper (eating & ripping)
sticks and rocks
Mommy and Daddy
screaming happy noises
singing and reading
games like peek-a-boo, and pat-a-cake
Things I don't like:
When mom leaves my sight
falling, but i do it all the time
getting my diaper changed

I love standing on daddy's hand.

Friday, November 6

The Reason for the Trip

Sallie, Ray, Aiden and Aubrey
Wilcox and Mc Arthur Families
Scotty and Garrett
Andrew and Warren
Poor Jen broke her toe while I was visiting.
Shelly Me and Hanalei, I brought this poor girl into the family.
This is what the family started as. Two Parents and 7 crazy kids
And this is what we look like now.
The whole lot of us. Only People missing were Rusty, Dave's Jenny and their kids
Correction...Many are missing...Boyd, Wes, Zach, and Carina were not there either.
I am so grateful for the temple and my Eternal Family! It was such a special day. I was so glad I could be a part of it.

A Great Pet!

This little guy made frequent visits while I was in California.

Monday, November 2

Apple Farm

Hanalei and I recently went to California to visit the family. It was good times as usual. One of the highlights was going to the Apple Farm up in the mountains. I wasn't really prepared for the cold. While I could still feel my toes we managed to pick some yummy raspberries.

New Tastes
New Stains
We all pitched in to make some cider. First we had to put the apples in water.
Next you suck on your fingers like so.
Then some one stated cranking while others dropped apples in the grinder.
The guy helping us was a hoot. He had about 4 visible teeth. He told us not to worry if their were stems or leaves on the apples. He said sometimes bees will get grinded up but they just add vitamins to the cider. Any guesses as to which vitamin? Vitamin Bee! That joke was funny the first time he told it, not so much the second time.
good form
Next we had to press all the apple chunks down, catching only the juice
funnel that cider into the jug
last, have a photo op with the man behind the cider magic.
After this the gang picked pumpkins from the patch, I didn't get any pics because I was feeding Hanalei and trying not to freeze. Then we had some yummy treats from the bakery. Good times had by all.