Friday, November 6

The Reason for the Trip

Sallie, Ray, Aiden and Aubrey
Wilcox and Mc Arthur Families
Scotty and Garrett
Andrew and Warren
Poor Jen broke her toe while I was visiting.
Shelly Me and Hanalei, I brought this poor girl into the family.
This is what the family started as. Two Parents and 7 crazy kids
And this is what we look like now.
The whole lot of us. Only People missing were Rusty, Dave's Jenny and their kids
Correction...Many are missing...Boyd, Wes, Zach, and Carina were not there either.
I am so grateful for the temple and my Eternal Family! It was such a special day. I was so glad I could be a part of it.


Oly and Bre's Blog said...

Cute family! Looks like you had a great time!

M. said...

aaawh. love it! glad you had a wonderful time!

shelly said...

Hey!!!! Boyd was missing from the picture, too! :)

Q said...

Nice pics! thanks for posting them, do I get partial blog credit for that?