Thursday, November 20

Drum Roll Please...

Rusty and Lala will be having a...BABY!

The baby is a...Pirate according to this picture.

The baby wanted to say "hi" to all of you in this picture.

Apparently SHE wanted to show you this too...

It's a GIRL!!

Sunday, November 9

Two Peas in a Pod.

Rusty thinks its so funny when we get dressed for church if we are matching. Often I'll get dressed first and Rusty throws on a matching tie as we leave the house. Then someone at church will point it out and I finally realize and smack him as he laughs.

During the week he gets dressed first and leaves before the sun gets up. One perticular Friday I decided to meet Rusty in town for dinner. We do this every now and then. When I picked him up we realized that we were matching but more than just a matching tie. It was pretty funny and pretty embarissing.

Then the other night, we were visiting our friends for dinner. Rusty just stopped on his way home from work. After dinner we decided to play games. Rusty wanted to change. We thought it was so he could be more comfortable, but he had a hidden agenda. We went home got our game and Rusty put on John's clothes. Or some that looked all to similar to the very outfit he was wearing at dinner.

Will I ever understand Rusty's fetish? Probably not. I love him anyways!

Baby Bump Update

Well its getting bigger. I know...I know, people will say you don't know big. But it feels big to me. Its funny cause being a girl you are always thinking about your looks even when your not thinking about it. Your natural tendency is to suck in your gut. I had a roomate who for pictures always showed her "good side" What is wrong with us. I don't know but we do it. So I have realized I am still doing this. Even with my prego belly I have the urge to suck it in. The baby is probably so happy when I am off gurad and letting it all pop out.

I tried hard not to suck in for this picture, but it probably could get a little bigger. It really is weird seeing my stomach just grow. You know its going to happen but its still weird.

Tuesday, November 4

Mamma Called the Dr. And The Dr. Said...

No More Skimming for Pregnant Lala!

Boo Hoo!
What can I do? The waves are big its the best time for skimming and I have to sit back and sun bathe? Anyone who knows me, knows sun bathing last about ten mins before I get major ADD. So the result has been me skimming despite the Docs orders. Luckily no monkeys have fallen off the bed. I am past the stage in skimming where you eat sand. In fact the only time I fall is in water now. Its a little more forgiving. Every where I go people tell me "Your pregnant? Oh, no more skimming for you then." I laugh like yea...but secretly I think probably on Saturday I will go.

I know its bad some of you are thinking I am the worst mother to be in the world. I feel the same way. Skimmboarding is my drug and I am addicted. What makes it worse is everything I think of thats an alternative is kinda off limits too. I'm supposed to avoid any type of jarring physical activity. That gets rid of all the fun ones. So everytime I start telling my self no more skimming I get really depressed.

Last Saturday after we went skimming I told Rusty, "You have to be the parent here and tell me I CAN'T GO." He said, "When have you ever listened to me?" I told him he had to be persistent. Then we thought of an alternative sport to! I love tennis. So on Saturdays we will play early in the morning then go for a cool down swim across the street at Pipe Line. If anyone else plays tennis let me know I would love to have a partner any day Monday-Friday.

On a happy baby note we find out what the baby is on the 18th of this month! Woo hoo! This will be the first apt. Rusty has been to. He'll get to hear the heart beat, see the baby movin around inside of me and, as my mom said we get to find out what color the baby is. Should be exciting for all!What swim wear do you think our baby should wear?