Saturday, April 16

Melts Your Heart

Every now and then your kids say something that really gets you all emotional. A couple days ago Hanalei woke up and I pulled her into bed with Waimea and I. She cuddled right in all cozy with Waimea and said, "My family". I had to take a picture to capture that moment. I love that she knows what family means. I LOVE my Family!

Monday, April 4

The Mural

So masters finished their work and had some time to play too. I am in love with this room. Hanalei loves it too. So for those of you less fortunate to never have been to Hawaii, this is depicting an actual place. This is the bay that we live by. I know, poor us! Waimea Bay and the Valley are beautiful. Our baby boy is named Waimea because of the joy that this place has brought to Rusty and I.

I love the trees blowing in the breeze.
This Church tower is somewhat of a historic landmark.
We live right next door to it.
I've put Waimea here a few times and he just looks at all the pretty colors
This ones dark sorry, lighting
How fun to sleep on the beach everyday

Anytime some one comes over she points to her favorite things:
Church, peacock, boat, waterfall, helicopter, rocks and trees. So she pretty much points out everything, cause she loves it all.

Waimea jump rock, where Rusty fell in love with me
Hanalei loves to feed the peacocks in Waimea Valley
She is obsessed with helicopters
this one is the coastguard that flies by often
looks kinda like Nemo
Often there are boats in the bay when it is calm.
THis last weekend was one of those days.
There was a boat in the bay and then one further out to sea.
She said "A little boat, and a big boat!"
Thank you so much to my mom Dee Dee and to my sister Sallie! You did awesome!

Friday, April 1

He Chunks Up Nicely

One month and eating well!