Wednesday, July 17

Tea Party!

No this is not a political post! Just some quality time with my little man and my little lady!

Wednesday, March 20

Who could ask for anything more?

A fun walk to the park turned into a day at the beach. And just in case we weren't having enough fun...a tire swing to dry us off. What a perfect day!

Thursday, January 17

You little sucker

Waimea loves to play in the car. Especially when he finds a treasure like this.

Tuesday, August 28

Nursery bound

18 months and Waimea is getting ready for nursery. Or at least I am ready to dump him there ;)
This last month he has really started to communicate both verbally and with his signs.
Some of the things he says are:
Mama (which is new, he just said it a few days ago)
me (when you ask who wants milk? or just have something he wants)
Hiii yahhh! when throwing something
Ashy Ashy (ring around the rosy)
There it is (peek-a-boo or when watching super why, he always points at the letters)
Animal sounds for:
cow- booo
pig- sounds like he gagging
frog- ribbit as he attempts to do a really big jump
rooster- an indescribable sound

bubbles  baby  wind  hat  shoes  fish  dog  thank you  all done  rain  time  dancing  bear  jump  ball  stop  go  more  again  nice  water  cloud  grass  tree  bug  bird  please  airplane  helicopter  sleep

Waimea loves to be outside. He would stay there all day. Sometimes we will be out there and then he just starts screaming. Thats my cue that he is, no not ready to go in, just thirsty. He loves to push or sit on anything with wheels. This is great, except that he will disappear, very quietly, then i will hear a trike being pushed down the drive way. He reminds me every day of my brothers. Maybe all boys like to push buttons, and waimea is no exception. He knows all of Hanalei's buttons and pushes them often. His sence of humour is coming out too. We like to play a game where we pretend our feet are really stinky. To the point that it makes you pass out. Waimea loves this game and now does the stinky face every time i change his diaper. 

Wednesday, August 8

Saturday, July 28

Hanalei and her name

Today hanalei started writing her name. I made this worksheet for her. One of the perks of being a former teacher.