Thursday, August 21

Open House!!

I made it through another open house! Talk about a long day. I left at 7:00 am to go to work and left my class at 8:00 pm to go home. Yikes was I tired!

It was great though. I had a chance to talk to many parents. Discuss their child's strengths and those things that are making life...hard for me. I had a constant flow of questions and discussions with parents for about an hour and a half. At 7:45 It finally died down. I drove home watched some olympic divers. And it was time for bed.

All those discussions with parents, all though very helpful for both parties in the classroom, Gave me way too much to think about in my dreams. I woke up at 2:30 wide awake with a million things on my mind. Ok 21 students. Now thats crossing the line. I need a little break from those guys and sleep is that break. Needless to say today I am exhausted. I need some Ice Cream...spoon fed. Any volunteers?

Saturday, August 9

Mexico Anyone?

Let me start by saying I have been a bad blogger lately. What is my excuse? Work. Thats right summer is over. Well atleast the vacation part is. Its still dang hot and humid, especially in the classroom.

Lets go back to when life was care free, when we couldn't understand all three hours of church in a liitle place called...Baja.

Rusty had never been to Mexico. Fun! I loved showing him something new. Like a little kid or something. We relaxed in La Paz. Saw some of the sights, enjoyed amazing sunsets. Rusty even got a mexican hair cut. That's brave! He was a little nervous because his spanish you say...muy mal. So my dad had to tell Enrique what Rusty wanted. Rusty is lucky he didn't end up with a white head of hair like my daddy.

We saw many other parts of the baja Peninsula. La paz is in the middle and Cabo San Lucas is at the very end. Rusty and I took the water taxi(glass bottom boat) to see the very tip where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific ocean join. Lalo, our taxi driver, showed us a cave. He said in spanish two go in and three come out. After struggling to translate in my head and then to Rusty I finally got what he meant. He was saying two people go in there and make a baby. funny. There is a beach over there called lovers beach and he dropped us off for ten mins to look around hte surf was up pretty high and guess what we saw...TWO SKIMMERS!! I was so excited. I wish we had brought ours. Next time!

WE also checked out some sights a little closer to La Concha, our Resort. One was Tecolote. Rusty and I decided to rent a jet ski. Too fun! And hello, have you ever had a mango on a stick! Now that is the life. They cut it up all cute like a flower. Oh then Rusty and I caught some know, touristy kinda stuff.

The other place that we really loved was Balandra. It Famous for its mushroom shaped rock. A rock that Rusty concoured... with a little help from a local mexican. I'm so proud. The place had much more to offer. Star fish, blow fish, friendly rainbow fish from the 80's that come up to your feet, and little rays. They hide really well in the white sand but get them on that lettuce like kelp and they aren't so hidden. We had a blast!

One of the high light os the trip for me was cruisin around Spirito Santo Island. We saw and entered amazing water caves and natural windows. We collected shells from the beaches. We saw dolphins jumping around our boat. We even went snorkling with the wolves...los lobos as the call them in Mexico. We know them as sea lions. These things were masive. THey kept grunting or barking in the water. The biggest one was easily 700 lbs. The pictures don't do them justice.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great trip!!