Wednesday, October 26

My Big Boy!

Waimea 8 months
As I am looking as these pictures I am just smiling and falling more in love with this little guy. He is such a great baby boy! So scrumptious! I want to slow down time and savor him. He is just growing too fast. Lately he has been trying to crawl. For about a month now. He just ends up doing lots of pushups. He has sitting up down pact. This makes playing and bath time and anytime more fun. No teeth yet. He is now sleeping in his crib for naps and bed time. Which means I end up getting him when he wakes at 3:00 am so he won't wake Hanalei(The kid can wail). And again at 5:30-6:00 am. I love him anyways.

Right after the beach.
Washing off sand and playing with the hose
First time sitting up. He is so proud of himself!
He loves riding on Hanalei's tricycle.
He is really good at staying up on that thing
Pondering life
Waimea Loves:
His family
Checking out that adorable baby in the mirror
Blowing bubbles
Being nibbled on
Being outside
Trying to feed himself

Things we love about Waimea: EVERYTHING!

Monday, October 3

My Princess...sometimes

When I look at Hanalei and the things she loves most, I think of my own childhood. I loved my dolls and dressing my cats, but I also loved to play with the boys.

Recently she has been getting more excited about princesses and magic wands and such.

Grandma Wilcox sent this fairy outfit
And Granny sent this homemade tutu
When they first came in the mail she said Im too big, and later I'm too Little. When she finally decided she was the right size she didn't want to take it off.

But she still loves Mo'os and more recently these awesome goggles

I was surprised when she let me put this baby gecko on her
He stayed with her for a while, and when we tried to get him off he was hesitant
Our neighbor works at Turtle Bay Resort
She found these goggles by the pool
She still loves Helicopters and HAIRplanes. Rusty and I always joke that she is going to be a pilot when she grows up. I love my little princess/tomboy