Wednesday, December 24


My mom is a very visual person. SHe hates when I live somewhere she has never been or seen. Well its been a year since we have lived here. SO I guess I am a little slow at getting her some pics.

After seeing these pictures you are probably asking..."where are they going to put that baby?" Good question.

Friday, December 12

Random Stuff

So I have these pictures of Rusty with his "Pilgrim Beard". He is such a cutie. I actually kind of liked the facial hair for a while but it started to get a little too long and pokey. A couple days of growth is quite nice.

Another random thing is our neigbor's cat. Such a sassy thing but I love her. Her name is Scarecrow. I caught her in a dead sleep one day. She was out to the world. Our neighborhood has many cats so I get my fix of kittys and Rusty doesn't have to deal with cat hair on everything. Best of both worlds...for now.

Thursday, December 4

Christmas Dinosaurs

Well, it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Rusty and I were trying to get into the spirit of Christmas. We made sugar cookie dough and frosting. We put it in the fridge over night (for best results).

Then Sunday night we rolled it out got out our bags of cookie cutters only to find that our Christmas cookie cutters were missing. All except for a snowman and a gingerbread girl. Bummer! I lent them out to someone last year and can't remember who. Anyways, Rusty decided to pick a few random cutters that could be toys...his brightest choice being the Christmas dinosaur.

What gets you into the spirit faster than a green and red dinosaur...nothing! They turned out really cute...and yummy. By the end of the night (9:15, past our bed time) I realized I never ate dinner, unless frosting and cookie dough counts.
Merry Christmas!