Tuesday, July 22

We're Back!!

I have so many pictures to go through from our trip. One thing that sped up the process is that I lost all of my pictures from Idaho...technical problems...bummer. The Mexico pictures will come soon I promise.
So Latest news for me is that I got a hair cut. One thing I have found when you have long hair is that most people don't even notice when you get one. I could cut off a foot and most people don't even look twice. I thought this one would get a double take, but only a few noticed. So here is the before and after pictures.

Before and After

Its a good change. Shorter hair is so much easier...why do I ever let it get that long. Anywho Rusty and I have been getting back into the swing of things. He leaves for work, I try to stay busy for 10 hours while he's gone and then we eat dinner and play for a couple hours before bed. Good times. Lately we have been going on bike rides. Rusty found a bike under the porch and fixed it up. And I got a bike from Walmart. It makes for a fun evenimg. We just take our bikes along the beach path that starts at Sharks cove and ends at Sunset. We don't usually get that far. Even at night it gets pretty warm. When we got home from our mainland trip my bike had made a friend with the vine under our house. It was actually remarkable how the vine intertwined its self around anything that was thin...like the spokes, the brake wires, and other parts of the bike.

Another bike experience we had was when Rusty and I went out for family night and about 5 min. into our ride it started pouring rain. We camped out under a big tree for another 5 min. until the rain died down then booked it home. Rusty's prized bike doesn't have a splash guard on the back tire. Poor Rusty.