Friday, April 17


Some Easter Fun.

Hanalei slept through egg dying

She slept through the easter egg hunt

But of course she woke up for easter dinner

Even though Hanalei was a party pooper for her first Easter, Rusty enjoyed his first out door Easter egg hunt. Imagine that, some places its too cold to have an out door easter egg hunt. Boo.

Tuesday, April 7

More pics of my Hanalei

Happy one week...thanks for the beautiful flowers Grandpa Wilcox!

She sleeps, eats, poops, eats, and all over again. She is really good at all of them.

Lately she has been staying awake for a half hour here and there so we can take her outside and have some tummy time. She even hung out with her friend Adilay...Its so much fun.

She even lets me get a few zzz's here and there

Bath time wasn't her favorite time...until we let here "swim" in the water.

Two Clean Girls

Grandma has been busy helping with the many diapers and the endless laundry. She is really getting a kick out of hanging the clothes on the line...especially when the clothes are so cute. Thanks Grandma Wilcox