Friday, December 16

Wai Guy

Helping dad fix the moped

10 Months Already!
I love this Kid!
He is so stinking cute. Lately he is a crawling machine. Gets where ever he wants pretty quickly. If he had his choice, he would travel by holding on to the fingers of rusty or myself and walking around the house. He is in love with two things, Hanalei and the kitties. No one can crack him up like they do. Much like his older sister he is a talker. He just babbles on, and can scream louder than something that small should be able to. He finally got a tooth but he doesn't really like showing people. I will try later for another tooth shot.

Wednesday, November 16

My Girl!

People always say that Hanalei looks like Rusty. She is all Rueckert.
She might look like a Rueckert but the Wilcox in her sneaks out every now and again.

She has grandma's green thumb
She loves to sing, especially while watering tomatoes
She loves kitties, definitely not from her dad
Wait for it...wheels are turning
Thats MY girl!


My little Hanalei has a great imagination. She loves to be a mommy to her dolls, call people on the phone, and give creative reports when dad asks what we did that day. Its so fun to see her expand her mind. Lately we have been making forts and having pretend picnics. This time we had a rain storm so we needed an umbrella.

Feed Me!

Waimea is getting so grown up now. Its crazy how big they seem when you can pretty much throw whatever dinner is, on their tray. Even ribs, Which is surprisingly a great teether with nutritional benifits. And for dessert Waimea dimples. Yummy! Love that boy!

Tuesday, November 1

Can you tell me how to get,

How to get to Sesame Street?!
Oscar, Big Bird, The Count, and Elmo

Wednesday, October 26

My Big Boy!

Waimea 8 months
As I am looking as these pictures I am just smiling and falling more in love with this little guy. He is such a great baby boy! So scrumptious! I want to slow down time and savor him. He is just growing too fast. Lately he has been trying to crawl. For about a month now. He just ends up doing lots of pushups. He has sitting up down pact. This makes playing and bath time and anytime more fun. No teeth yet. He is now sleeping in his crib for naps and bed time. Which means I end up getting him when he wakes at 3:00 am so he won't wake Hanalei(The kid can wail). And again at 5:30-6:00 am. I love him anyways.

Right after the beach.
Washing off sand and playing with the hose
First time sitting up. He is so proud of himself!
He loves riding on Hanalei's tricycle.
He is really good at staying up on that thing
Pondering life
Waimea Loves:
His family
Checking out that adorable baby in the mirror
Blowing bubbles
Being nibbled on
Being outside
Trying to feed himself

Things we love about Waimea: EVERYTHING!

Monday, October 3

My Princess...sometimes

When I look at Hanalei and the things she loves most, I think of my own childhood. I loved my dolls and dressing my cats, but I also loved to play with the boys.

Recently she has been getting more excited about princesses and magic wands and such.

Grandma Wilcox sent this fairy outfit
And Granny sent this homemade tutu
When they first came in the mail she said Im too big, and later I'm too Little. When she finally decided she was the right size she didn't want to take it off.

But she still loves Mo'os and more recently these awesome goggles

I was surprised when she let me put this baby gecko on her
He stayed with her for a while, and when we tried to get him off he was hesitant
Our neighbor works at Turtle Bay Resort
She found these goggles by the pool
She still loves Helicopters and HAIRplanes. Rusty and I always joke that she is going to be a pilot when she grows up. I love my little princess/tomboy

Thursday, September 1


Hanalei...2 years 5 months
My cute girl! She is a little sponge. She talks nonstop. Some of the things she says make me laugh. "Oh my gossshhh" "thank you, welcome" "I want to watch Icky Mouse" this one I hear all the time.
She is finally loving nursery and runs to the nursery leader screaming "aunty!" when she sees her at church. I catch her singing ABC's or twinkle little star but she rarely will sing on demand.
She is my little mom lately. She is really getting into her dolls, one in particular she named baby Sophie. She nurses sophie, puts her to sleep with a blanket and feeds her in Waimea's bumbo. She will put baby Sophie in her room and say night night and blow a kiss just like I do to Hanalei. It is so sweet.
SHe has her opinions, yes she does. And she has decided she doesn't like baths, brushing her teeth, and going to bed. They still happen but man does she throw a royal fit!

Potty training is going great!
Hanalei got some underwear from
Grandma that actually fit her little bum.
This is our new Kitty Pineapple.
We rescued him from the Dole plantation, hence the name.
Daddy made this awesome toddler book shelf for Hanalei.
She can find and put back the books all by her self
Hanalei playing with a baby chick we rescued.
He didn't make it. Hanalei's first lesson on death
We stopped on the way home from Church to look at the turtles.
There had to be 10 turtles that day.
One of Hanalei's favorite things to do is color in her "Art Studio"
We set up a spot under the house where she can use her markers.
She makes a huge mess but its okay cause she's under the house.
Notice her seat is a skate board.
My nude model. She loves to wear my shoes around the house.
This time she happened to be naked. I know it is strange
for some to see so many pictures where she is naked, but it is
stinking hot and we have been potty training so clothes come off a lot.
how cute is her hair by the way?
Hanaleis is seriously so good with Waimea. She plays with him,
fetches toys and diapers, and does this high pitch baby talk that is so cute.

Waimea...6 months
18 lbs...hello! He is in the 80% for his height. He is my big boy! He is such a good baby. Happy and a smile that could melt butter. He loves his family. Hanalei and daddy are easily the only things that could distract him from "dinner with Mom". He is talking his own talk and he sounds like a boy, deeper sounds. He can roll around now, and is super strong.
He is eating all sorts of yummy baby foods and cereal. He loves rice crackers and mommy's milk.

I love this picture! He loves this cat!
Pineapple is really good with him.
Even when Waimea tries to eat him.
This is Baby Sophie.
There due dates were 6 days apart but Waimea
came early so they are almost a month apart
It's fun to watch them learn and grow together.
Rice cereal. Not sure at first, but lovin it now!
Play-doh fun!
Everything is in the mouth now.
I am just waiting for a tooth to show up.
He loves his toys and freaks out when he drops them.
My hawaiian baby. Flower in his ear, he is spoken for by mommy!
I am gonna have to beat the girls off of him he is just too cute!
As for Rusty and I we are doing great too. We both can roll over and are 99.9% potty trained. I wish I could say I slept through the night but Waimea makes that pretty challenging. We are loving our little family and our wonderful life.

Monday, August 1

It's Potty Time!

In the past I have given half hearted attempts at starting potty training with Hanalei. I had my excuses: New baby coming, a big family trip, horror stories from my friends own potty efforts. Well, the time has come.
We started last week and Hanalei is a champ. We watched some videos on YouTube. She was pretty excited about elmo being on the potty. I made a sticker chart that we both decorated. It was time. That first day was pretty messy and lots of tears. We got through it.

Can you tell which part I decorated and which part Hanalei did?
She often gets herself up on the potty and
comes running out to me screaming,
"I did it!"
Outside is where she prefers to do number two
Getting rid of the evidence

If we stay home and just hang out she is 100%. Two Sundays in a row she has been accident free at church which is a huge accomplishment. She gets a little distracted at friends houses and has had some accidents in those situations.
We are still working on poop. She has done it probably three times in the potty. Her preferred spot is out in the yard somewhere. I don't recall getting a dog, yet I am constantly picking up poop. She has come a long way. Not too long ago she would cry when she needed to poop, so I am just happy that there are no more tears.

She is pretty proud of herself, and so are we.
She loves purple anything,
and purple underwear are now at the top of her list.
This might be my favorite picture of all time.

Friday, July 22

Yosemite with the Rueckerts Part 1

Our trip started off a little hectic. Rusty left his carry on at the gate in Honolulu. So before we could meet up with his family we had to go shopping. Why didn't I forget my bag!? He had two pairs of underwear. Needless to say, we did a lot of laundry.

The first night with the Rueckerts we stayed at this cabin.
Don't you just love this swing?!
While Rusty went off on a grand adventure with his dad, Spring and Rondi,
Kendra and I walked around the village with the kids.
I am sure Kendra and I were more tired after our day
We were constantly surrounded by amazing views.
Here Hanalei points out yet another waterfall.
Cool picture of my daredevil family
Plenty of rocks to climb and fall off of
Yosemite Falls behind them
Waimea along for the ride
Probably Hanalei's favorite part was the bus.
She was very excited to ride probably because
she wasn't strapped in a car seat
We took the bus a lot
Both of my kids were troopers, sleeping when they could
The roots of a giant sequoia
When we saw the deer hanalei was done hiking.
We sent the others ahead to see the sights and
we enjoyed a family of deer
What's the sign for deer?
We told her that they were a family. So she kept saying
"Daddy deer, Mommy Deer, Brother Deer, Sister Deer"
She is adorable
Five gems in this Picture.
One Giant Sequoia, Two deer, and Two Cute Boys
Can you tell they are ready for a REAL nap
Check out the size of that pine cone...and that baby!
While we waited for the bus to take us back,
Hanalei played on these tree stumps
Typical boy, teasing the girls
It was a fun adventure.
We are excited to do it again when the kids are older