Thursday, September 1


Hanalei...2 years 5 months
My cute girl! She is a little sponge. She talks nonstop. Some of the things she says make me laugh. "Oh my gossshhh" "thank you, welcome" "I want to watch Icky Mouse" this one I hear all the time.
She is finally loving nursery and runs to the nursery leader screaming "aunty!" when she sees her at church. I catch her singing ABC's or twinkle little star but she rarely will sing on demand.
She is my little mom lately. She is really getting into her dolls, one in particular she named baby Sophie. She nurses sophie, puts her to sleep with a blanket and feeds her in Waimea's bumbo. She will put baby Sophie in her room and say night night and blow a kiss just like I do to Hanalei. It is so sweet.
SHe has her opinions, yes she does. And she has decided she doesn't like baths, brushing her teeth, and going to bed. They still happen but man does she throw a royal fit!

Potty training is going great!
Hanalei got some underwear from
Grandma that actually fit her little bum.
This is our new Kitty Pineapple.
We rescued him from the Dole plantation, hence the name.
Daddy made this awesome toddler book shelf for Hanalei.
She can find and put back the books all by her self
Hanalei playing with a baby chick we rescued.
He didn't make it. Hanalei's first lesson on death
We stopped on the way home from Church to look at the turtles.
There had to be 10 turtles that day.
One of Hanalei's favorite things to do is color in her "Art Studio"
We set up a spot under the house where she can use her markers.
She makes a huge mess but its okay cause she's under the house.
Notice her seat is a skate board.
My nude model. She loves to wear my shoes around the house.
This time she happened to be naked. I know it is strange
for some to see so many pictures where she is naked, but it is
stinking hot and we have been potty training so clothes come off a lot.
how cute is her hair by the way?
Hanaleis is seriously so good with Waimea. She plays with him,
fetches toys and diapers, and does this high pitch baby talk that is so cute.

Waimea...6 months
18 lbs...hello! He is in the 80% for his height. He is my big boy! He is such a good baby. Happy and a smile that could melt butter. He loves his family. Hanalei and daddy are easily the only things that could distract him from "dinner with Mom". He is talking his own talk and he sounds like a boy, deeper sounds. He can roll around now, and is super strong.
He is eating all sorts of yummy baby foods and cereal. He loves rice crackers and mommy's milk.

I love this picture! He loves this cat!
Pineapple is really good with him.
Even when Waimea tries to eat him.
This is Baby Sophie.
There due dates were 6 days apart but Waimea
came early so they are almost a month apart
It's fun to watch them learn and grow together.
Rice cereal. Not sure at first, but lovin it now!
Play-doh fun!
Everything is in the mouth now.
I am just waiting for a tooth to show up.
He loves his toys and freaks out when he drops them.
My hawaiian baby. Flower in his ear, he is spoken for by mommy!
I am gonna have to beat the girls off of him he is just too cute!
As for Rusty and I we are doing great too. We both can roll over and are 99.9% potty trained. I wish I could say I slept through the night but Waimea makes that pretty challenging. We are loving our little family and our wonderful life.


Breanne Garcia said...

Love your update! I had no idea Hanalei named her doll baby Sophie. How cute! lol

Katie said...

I love the family update. It is great to see your family grow. Looks like Sophie is a common name, it was my favorite doll's name growing up as well.


oh my goodness what a cutie pie. I love all of these pictures. I love the bookshelf too. How did your husband do that?

Andrea said...

I just LOVE them!! They are both getting so big! His smile is amazing! I love his fat thighs. I wish I could gobble them right now! Hanalei is such a big girl wearing panties. I love her "studio"

sallie said...

I think Waimea may have gotten the Wilcox legs-too. Not the long ones like mommy's-more the chubby no ankle kind like some of his favorite uncles and perhaps an aunt...poor kid. I would like to chew on him though.

Anonymous said...

Love to see more of her naked. If I was the guy with her on the skateboard I'd be playing with her pussy. Licking, sucking and most defiantly fucking that little honey hole, filling it up with my cum over and over again daily. NO NEED for clothes with me.

Robert Lucas said...

You say it's hot out there... where I live (Hinkley, California, USA), the hottest it has ever gotten is 128.3 degrees Fahrenheit (53.5 degrees Celsius). It is common for it to get as hot as 118 degrees Fahrenheit (47.7778 degrees Celsius) in the summer for a full week in a row. Which scale do you guys commonly use in Australia? Metric?