Monday, July 19


"Wow, oohh, hotz!"

Saturday, July 3

Just Like Mom

I know Most people when they see Hanalei thye Say "Oh, it's a little Rustina" cause she definitely looks like rusty more than me. But when it comes to actions, she wants to be mommy's little girl.
This picture shows her with three of her favorite things. Her stroller, her purse and her beach cover up.

That beach cover up has been her favorite article of clothing lately. I think because it has a zipper. The other day we went to the beach and she got cold. So i put it on. then she wanted to go back in the water so I took it off. Freak Out! She melted. So I put it back on, back to the water, took it off again, melt down again. So I finally left it on and she went right into the water with it. Crazy kid. So when we got home I hung it to dry, and she pulled it off and brought it to me to put on. She is obsessed. The thing stinks cause it never fully dried but the next day she wanted it again.
I love that girl!