Monday, May 18

Smiles and Gibber Gabber

So for the last few weeks Hanalei has been gracing us with coos and smiles. Its been so much fun to get responses to all the talking I've been doing. I have captured a dew of theses moments on camera.

I would love to be the inspiration for these cute smiles and happy noises, but...I am not.

Thursday, May 14

Wide Eyed

Rusty and I have always loved going on the bike path along the beach. We thought we would let Hanalei experience it too. I have never seen her so mesmerized. She had her little eyes fixed on all the trees overhead.

THis particular bike ride ended with a sleeping baby. Sensory overload.

Wednesday, May 13

Mother's Day with Hanalei

It was a fun day. Rusty got me a lei and we forgot it in the fridge when we went to church. Then at church they handed out leis to all the mothers and I was in the mother's lounge feeding Hanalei. Good times. I wore it when I got home. I sent a lei to my mom, and good news....she wore it to church. Happy mother's day to all.

She sure is cute.

Wednesday, May 6

Ready for the Waves

Hanalei Has been to the beach three times now. Unlike her parents she is not working on her tan.
Thanks to our friends the langs she just slept in this little SPF tent.

She also likes hanging out on her adorable beach blanket from Her Aunty Carol. So cute.

SHe has three bathing suits. One from Shelly, one from Jenny and one from Grandma Dee Dee. But they don't all fit too well.
Her last trip to the beach I stuck her foot in the tide pool water...she was not in love with that activity. We love our little beach bum!