Friday, April 30

The Fruits...

Of our Labors
Hanalei Loves the garden. Well she loves the tomatoes in the garden.
Yum Yum YUM!!
More Please!
Our tomato plant was very fruitful. We shared with our neighbors for many weeks
We also grew green beans and Green Peppers.
We let some of the green peppers stay on long enough to turn into red peppers
of course we had some strawberries.
We also planted cilantro, mint and snow peas.
Gardening has been a real rewarding experience. I know my mother is probably shocked to hear that from me. I never liked it when I was younger. Now what should we plant next? Any thoughts?

Friday, April 16

The Party!

Well, let me warn you that I took zero pictures because I am a bad mom. But luckily I have friends who took some. So here is what we ended up with.

It's not a party if there isn't a pinata
Pin the tail on the donkey was a big miss, that is no one hit the target
So here is my introduction to the years of cake decorating to come. I felt like I had to pull out the big guns because my family goes all out on the cake. How'd I do fam?
Dallin seems to think I did a great job.
As much as I tried to encourage her to get all messy, all she really wanted was rice! What kind of kid prefers rice to cake and frosting!?

We sure do love this girl!
It's crazy that one year ago we welcomed you into this world.
Nothing has brought me greater joy than to experience life again, for the first time, with you.