Friday, April 16

The Party!

Well, let me warn you that I took zero pictures because I am a bad mom. But luckily I have friends who took some. So here is what we ended up with.

It's not a party if there isn't a pinata
Pin the tail on the donkey was a big miss, that is no one hit the target
So here is my introduction to the years of cake decorating to come. I felt like I had to pull out the big guns because my family goes all out on the cake. How'd I do fam?
Dallin seems to think I did a great job.
As much as I tried to encourage her to get all messy, all she really wanted was rice! What kind of kid prefers rice to cake and frosting!?

We sure do love this girl!
It's crazy that one year ago we welcomed you into this world.
Nothing has brought me greater joy than to experience life again, for the first time, with you.


Ben and Summer said...

Wow. That cake is amazing! Great job. Happy birthday little baby H------!!! Can't believe it's already been that long!

The Shoogs said...

That was an AWESOME b-day party! GOOD JOB! Hanalei is so cute!

Lindsey Graves said...

Well happy birthday miss Hanalei!!! We wish we could have been there to celebrate! Very cute cake by the way!

Erin said...

that is an amazing cake! I can't believe she is a year! what an adorable little girl with her white hair!!!! happy bday hanalei!

Ryan and Megan said...

Are you sure you didn't just buy that cake from some professional bakery? It looks so perfect!!! It's a good thing that I wasn't at this birthday bash because I would have taken all of the pin the tail on the donkey competition down. I too can't believe Hanalei is one, she's gorgeous!!! By the way- did I already tell you that I love your hair? I do.

Jennifer said...

Sus, welcome to the world of mommy cake decorators! You are a pro from the start. Really- a super great cake. Looks like she had a great party!

Andrea said...

Fun party! Yeah Hanalei is one! Cake is aaaaaaaammmmmaaaazing! I can't imagine how you'll outdo yourself next year.