Friday, March 26

The Big One...12 months

Feed Me!
My new tricks:
I can sign and say ball but it sounds more like doll
I nod my head for yes and
Shake my head when I am doing something I know is wrong
I drink from a straw which makes mom happy
After I see a dog I make a dog noise ( high pitch whimper)
I Still Love the Beach!
I always have my bucket and a spoon for digging
As soon as I go outside I head to La'akea's House I call him "Ahah"
I like to climb the rock wall with my Dada then go down the slide

I love looking for chickens, Dogs, and now Helicopters!
A few days ago I almost grabbed a baby chick
12 Whole Months!


Jonny and Carissa said...

hanalei you are too cute!

Andrea said...

Hanalei-hee-who you are too CUTE! WE MISS YOU. Happy Birthday! You are such a smart girl. Glad you like the beach now too. We love you!!!!