Friday, February 26

11 months

Things I'm Doing Now:
Running, sort of
Signing "All Done"
Saying Dada, yeah and Dah (dog)
Climbing: stairs, couches, slides, and lots of other scary things
Giving kisses with my mouth wide open
Giving zerberts on mommy's tummy
Wearing shoes
Things I love:
Cats, Chickens, and Dogs
Feeding the Chickens (they come every morning)
Playing in the Ocean
Sitting on the stand up paddle with My Mom and Dad
Playing With La'akea, Dallin and Lily my neighbors
Taking Baths
Doing anything outside
Things I Don't Like:
My nails being trimmed
Changing my Diaper and my clothes
When the sprinkler gets me all wet


Lindsey Graves said...

Adilay wants to run with Hanalei! They have a lot of the same likes and dislikes, kids are so funny.

Jennifer said...

In her deffense, who does like getting their diaper changed!

Built Ford Tough said...

I can't believe she is running all over. Um my child is barely crawling... we're slow learners around here. But that last picture is so darling. Love you guys! Miss you


I love this picture!

Cheryl said...

Hey Susie, or Lala.
anyway, I realized that it's been forever. I'm bummed you were within an hours drive and I didn't get to hug you guys. But I'm glad you had fun. Next time (haha) your in town let me know. My in-laws go to hawaii kind of often ffor work. They are trying to get us to go with them. If they succeed. Can I call you? Cheryl