Saturday, January 30


Hanalei got to meet Great Grandma Rueckert
Thanks to Rusty's mom watching Hanalei, we were able to play. Not just snowbaording but Hockey too in their frozen lake! Rusty and I were the lasts ones off the mountain!
This is the cabin we stayed at. It was beautiful the whole time we were there. We played games and did some sledding.
These guys might look tough but they are push overs.
We learned a new game about beans. It was a ton of fun!
Nestor's brother Miguel came with his wife Lacey and their baby Vander.
Rusty always refers to Miguel as his brother. It was fun to see them.
Hanalei in deep thought as she explored this winter wonderland
She was happy to be outside even though she had to be bundled in her bear suit from aunt Sallie and her beanie from Granny.
Parker tasting a delicious ball
Carson was pretty fearless on the sled
Asher would rather play with the ice sickles than go down that hill
This is where Brielle hung out most of the trip, she looks warm and chubby!
After all the fun in the mountains we had to rush back for Brielle's special day. She was getting blessed.
Cousins are too much fun!
Hanalei with her Aunt Spring. Notice how focused she is on that object.
"I think I could fit that in my mouth."
To the founders of the family! Thanks for a great trip! And for no broken bones.


Katie said...

O-my. . . I just saw this post. I'm not sure how long it has been up, but boy am I glad you posted it. I took some pictures of the week, but sadly our camera got stollen so I lost all my pictures :( Now I can enjoy yours. said...

Wow you have a good looking family I am impressed!! That was so much fun. I cannot believe that Hanalei is going to be one this week unbelievable. I am so glad that you were there for Brielles blessing that was so special.