Thursday, January 28

Cali to See Cousins and Friends

Yet Another Airplane Ride
One of the few sunny days we could get out of the house
Lots of time with cousin Boyd
These two fairies, Carina and Claire, took a break and played with Hanalei
Bath time is always more fun with Aubre and Boyd

We Met up with the Graves at an indoor playground at the Golden Arches
They had a blast on the slides and mazes while the rest of us chatted


Jane said...

yup, real "hawaiian style" hat, long sleeves and pants... but still wearing slipper!

Jonny and Carissa said...

fun trip! and cute cute hanalei!

The Shoogs said...

Fun trip!!! Glad you guys are back!

Lindsey Graves said...

So good to see you guys! Hopefully next time we do it's because we're visiting back in Hawaii!!

sallie said...

I love you and I miss you-hey I'm talkin to Hanalei-do you mind! So anyway, call me later and I will teach you how to get your mom's credit card and book a trip to Idaho!
Love to each of you

Sheprosaurus's said...

So good to see you and meet your family! I miss Hawaii already and am beginning to plan my next trip for asap! Thanks for takin the time out to visit. Your little Hanalei is the cutest little "beach bum" I've ever seen:) Take care and keep in touch.

Andrea said...

awwww, we miss you Hanalei! Ok you too Sus and Rusty. So fun to be with you guys. Next tme it'll be sunny ok?