Tuesday, January 26

10 Months

Things I'm Doing:
*Walking up a storm
*Talking like crazy, mostly Dada, and ditty (kitty)
*Getting teeth. I have two on the bottom and one on the top

Things I Love:
*Bike Rides
*Riding the Horsey (mom or dad)
*Chickens and other birds
*Cats and little Dogs
*When the kitty licks me
*Taking all the blocks out of the basket
*Stacking cups
*Mommy and Dada
*Playing in the trash
*Holding my clothes while I walk around
*The Beach
*Baths, especially with my cousins Boyd and Aubre

Things I don't Like:
*Getting my diaper changed
*Getting dressed


Erin said...

what a cutie!!! she is getting so big and learning sooo much!!!

echo said...

cute hanalei.

and wow, you chopped your hair. it looks great!

sheila said...

Yes, you cut your hair!!
It looks good.

Sooooo.... baby beach day? soon? When the sun comes out and gets warm k.

Jennifer said...

I loved hearing about all the cute things the Babe is doing but is that you with NO hair????

Ryan and Megan said...

Woe HOT MAMA- I love the hair!!!

Built Ford Tough said...

So, can I move back to Hawaii? All those pictures are making me Hawaii sick. :( Not to mention Lala sick. Love ya, Hanalei is getting so big and I still can't believe she's walking around. Pudge here still isn't crawling.

The Shoogs said...

Sooo cute. It was really fun hangin with you guys on Monday. Great game. Great food. Great cookin. Beach time was nice. I got a little sun that day. Good thing I left when we did. ShawnDawg