Friday, December 10

Coldy Utah

Everytime we go to Utah in the winter, we hope for a froze lake. We know going in early December our chances for ice were thin. Pun intended. But to our excitement we were lucky to have ice good enough for a few days of ice hockey. A real Christmas miracle.

Before the ice was sketchy, Hanalei and parker had some fun on the ice.
Hanalei is going to give those boys a run for their money.
The best way to get around on the ice, the Katie express.
After the ice party Parker was Caught purple handed, or gloved!
We got some sledding in.
Kendra always up for an adventure.
She plowe into a few bush at the bottom of this hill.
Hanalei went a few times but wasn't really in to it. I think she was ready for a nap. It was hard to know when she was ready, we had been in too many time zones by this point.
Parker was gung ho
The boots, gloves and hat lasted a few minutes.
Even though she hated the winter ware we were glad troy and katie found some for us.
We started this game with great conditions. But by evening it was getting pretty slushy in spots.
I went after the puck and started to sink. It was so scary. I naturally dropped to all fours and still was sinking. I then was on my "baby" belly, grabbed the puck and scooted back to safer ice. What a rush.
This snowman represents kendra,
who is always afraid that someone is going to fall in the lake.
Can you say, Calvin and Hobbes?
Rusty thought it would be funny to put these on the road for Mike when He got home from work. He got around them. Some neighbor kids nocked em down.
We went to Crown Burger and stuffed our faces full of yummy food
Then off to Temple Square to see the lights
It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, so we went up to the Christus Statue
Hanalei loved it. She keept pointing out the stars, the moon, and the sun. She was excited to show everyone Jesus.
It was a great trip. We had lots of fun playing. By the end of this trip we were pretty exhausted from raquetball, hockey, Snowboarding (i didn't go), sledding and just staying up late playing games. We will be rested in about one year, when the ice is frozen again.

Thursday, December 9

Thanksgiving in Cali

Today I was catching up with my friend Breanne. She asked what we did in California and as I recalled some of the things we did, I realized we went to the duck park quite a bit.

We went with Aubrey Grandma and Aunt Sallie
You might notice in these pictures Hanalei feeds herself just as much as she feeds the ducks.
Aubrey threw her snack cup into the pond.
Grandma enjoyed feeding the ducks more than the girls, we had to ration the bread.
Due to complications in our flight, on our way back from Utah we had another day in Cali. Grandpa skipped rotary to have a picnic with us. It was a gorgeous day.
We found a nice shady spot under a tree.
Hanalei is totally starting to pose for pictures. I think its hillarious.
Feeding ducks perched on a tree is safer.

We did tons of other fun things while in California. Rusty played full contact golf with my dad and brothers. Followed by laser tag and of course turkey football. Some of the guys went to a car show, while the girls and kids went to the zoo. Mostly we visited with family, played games, and took a huge family photo. The most exciting thing we did was clean up throw up. It was a real barf-o-rama at Grandma's house. One by one kids and adults fell victim.I avoided it, thank goodness, but Hanalei and Rusty weren't so lucky. Despite the loads and loads of puke laundry that needed to be done, we had a blast. Good food and great family that I love! Much to be grateful for.

Saturday, November 20

Washing the Car

Living on the North Shore, or by any ocean is the best, I love it. But with a new car Rusty is constantly washing it to keep the salt water from destroying it. Hanalei loves to help.
I love this zoner look
Dad will show you how
She had a near melt down when dad took the towel, so she got her own rag
Now we can really get down to business

Friday, November 19

The Zoo

I have been wanting to take Hanalei to the zoo for months but I wanted Rusty to go too. We finally made it happen. It was such a fun day.

A Rare Family Photo
She is truly stunning, even with all the dirt on her legs
Jonny and Breanne came with us. Marilyn, I mean Hanalei loves Jonny
I wonder what she is thinking about in this moment
One of the higlights seeing this very large picture of a Gecko (Mo'o)
As if we don't see enough of them in our apt.
The cutest monkey at the zoo
She loved every spot we visited. I should have taken more pictures as always. It was fun to see her say and sign many of the animals we saw.
They had a ton of tortoises at various spots around the zoo. We happened to see some maiting. The male was making some crazy noises that scared Hanalei half to death. Jonny was excited to learn what a turtle says.

Tuesday, November 9

19 Months

I am SO big now!

And look at all my Hair!

Things I'm doing now:
*Saying Prayers...(melts mommy and daddy's heart)
*Coloring like crazy, not just on paper
*Requesting to use the potty but no potty yet
*Talking a bunch some of my new favorite words are
ahcock - Peacock
lello - yellow
frucl - Freckle
buder - brother (signs and points to my tummy)
Ah Man!
These Koi Fish were Crazy Revolting

Some for the Peacock Some for Me

Daddy is brave, those peacocks can be scary

Things I love:
*Feeding chickens, peacocks, fish, and sometimes kitty
*Helping mom do everything (laundry, cooking, cleaning, even peeing...sigh)
*When Daddy comes home
*Hiding under pillows and blankets
*Playing with the cd case (and ripping the slots in the process)
*Going on walks bikes and mopeds
*Skyping with my family (so FUN!)
*Swimming and digging at the beach

Favorite Foods (She asks for them by name):
Crackers in all varieties
Dip (ranch dressing, she'll eat just about anything if she can "dip dip")
Juice & Milk

Thursday, October 7

Cookies or Cookie Dough?

Survey Says...
Cookie Dough!
Hanalei's vote - Cookie Dough
Lala's Vote - Cookie Dough

Cookies - 0
Dough - 2
What's Your Vote?

18 Months...Finally!

A rare sight...Hanalei keeping anything in her hair

This is an age I've been waiting for. She will finally be in Nursery! I will actually be able to listen during Sunday School.
All joking aside, this is such a fun age. We have gone from two naps to one. A hard transition but much needed. This gives us lots of time to do fun things in the morning. And because we pushed the nap back to 12 noon, we wake up happy and stay happy for the evening.

Things I'm Doing:
  • Running and therefore falling a lot (fun at the beach not so fun other places)
  • Asking what's that about everything even stuff I already know
  • Repeating words Mom or Dad teach me (she is a sponge right now)
  • Turning the oven dial (so Naughty)
  • Saying Jonny when we drive to Haleiwa
  • "Helping" in the Kitchen
Enjoying the cinnamon apples for dad's 2nd place Ice cream entry, Carmel Apple
Everything is more fun with a friend
Things I Love:
  • When Mom and Dad sing "Jesus wants me for a Sun Beam" (she requests it often by saying bean! and then Jumping. Before we can finish the song she is saying and signing again!
  • Still in love with the Moon and Stars
  • Signing Time (we got some new DVDs that are teaching colors, zoo animals, etc)
  • Coloring (now that she can sign and say colors she asks to do this activity a lot)
  • Playing in my tunnel
  • Climbing in any box or other tight spaces
  • Playing/exploring under the house (our house is raised and we keep her old toys and food storage under there. She likes to dig in the dirt.)
  • Moped Rides with Dad
  • Playing Peek-a-boo in the closet
  • Being chased, or chasing mom and dad
Box Car Classic with a Kitty Twist
She actually got stuck in this hole and cause her quite the scare
Not too many brown Lizzards by our house.
Rusty saved this one from our ferocious kitty then gave him some pineapple