Thursday, December 9

Thanksgiving in Cali

Today I was catching up with my friend Breanne. She asked what we did in California and as I recalled some of the things we did, I realized we went to the duck park quite a bit.

We went with Aubrey Grandma and Aunt Sallie
You might notice in these pictures Hanalei feeds herself just as much as she feeds the ducks.
Aubrey threw her snack cup into the pond.
Grandma enjoyed feeding the ducks more than the girls, we had to ration the bread.
Due to complications in our flight, on our way back from Utah we had another day in Cali. Grandpa skipped rotary to have a picnic with us. It was a gorgeous day.
We found a nice shady spot under a tree.
Hanalei is totally starting to pose for pictures. I think its hillarious.
Feeding ducks perched on a tree is safer.

We did tons of other fun things while in California. Rusty played full contact golf with my dad and brothers. Followed by laser tag and of course turkey football. Some of the guys went to a car show, while the girls and kids went to the zoo. Mostly we visited with family, played games, and took a huge family photo. The most exciting thing we did was clean up throw up. It was a real barf-o-rama at Grandma's house. One by one kids and adults fell victim.I avoided it, thank goodness, but Hanalei and Rusty weren't so lucky. Despite the loads and loads of puke laundry that needed to be done, we had a blast. Good food and great family that I love! Much to be grateful for.


Andrea said...

we avoided it too. phew!! So fun to see everyone, especially all the cute babies! My kids are just crazy about them all!

sallie said...

Grandmas pipes will never be the same again!