Friday, December 10

Coldy Utah

Everytime we go to Utah in the winter, we hope for a froze lake. We know going in early December our chances for ice were thin. Pun intended. But to our excitement we were lucky to have ice good enough for a few days of ice hockey. A real Christmas miracle.

Before the ice was sketchy, Hanalei and parker had some fun on the ice.
Hanalei is going to give those boys a run for their money.
The best way to get around on the ice, the Katie express.
After the ice party Parker was Caught purple handed, or gloved!
We got some sledding in.
Kendra always up for an adventure.
She plowe into a few bush at the bottom of this hill.
Hanalei went a few times but wasn't really in to it. I think she was ready for a nap. It was hard to know when she was ready, we had been in too many time zones by this point.
Parker was gung ho
The boots, gloves and hat lasted a few minutes.
Even though she hated the winter ware we were glad troy and katie found some for us.
We started this game with great conditions. But by evening it was getting pretty slushy in spots.
I went after the puck and started to sink. It was so scary. I naturally dropped to all fours and still was sinking. I then was on my "baby" belly, grabbed the puck and scooted back to safer ice. What a rush.
This snowman represents kendra,
who is always afraid that someone is going to fall in the lake.
Can you say, Calvin and Hobbes?
Rusty thought it would be funny to put these on the road for Mike when He got home from work. He got around them. Some neighbor kids nocked em down.
We went to Crown Burger and stuffed our faces full of yummy food
Then off to Temple Square to see the lights
It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, so we went up to the Christus Statue
Hanalei loved it. She keept pointing out the stars, the moon, and the sun. She was excited to show everyone Jesus.
It was a great trip. We had lots of fun playing. By the end of this trip we were pretty exhausted from raquetball, hockey, Snowboarding (i didn't go), sledding and just staying up late playing games. We will be rested in about one year, when the ice is frozen again.


Katie said...

It was great having you guys. It was just a fun excuse to have TONS of FUN.

Erin said...

um...what does "baby" belly mean? are you prego again?!

Andrea said...

Everything looked so fun! The thin ice thing? Yikes! Kinda scary Sus! Sledding is so awesome! I love it!

Tiffany J said...

Ice Hockey looks like a lot of fun...despite the "sinking" ha ha Fun trip!!

sallie said...

Brrrr-looks like you had a great time with the winter festivities and you should do just fine in Boise-you know for a visit or heck-just move here! Although, Ray was a little nervous at the pic of Hanalei with the hockey stick...

Breanne Garcia said...

Your right, It looks really cold! I am glad you guys had a great time, but even more happy you are finally back!