Friday, January 7

20 and 21 months...slacker

I know I am way behind. I blame the holidays, traveling and the two kids that suck the energy out of me. Hanalei is still growing and learning like crazy. She pretty much talks faster than I can keep up with. She still is signing which helps me interpret some of her unclear words. She loves the signing videos and requests them multiple times during the day.
Because of the signing videos she has shown interest in learning colors, numbers, and letters. She has somewhat mastered her basic colors and is now really soaking up numbers. I bought foam numbers for the bath and we practice every night. It is hillarious. She will sometimes skip a number then repeat the same number 4x. Every now and then she surprises me with a perfect count to ten, then she cheers for her self. Saying "job" for good job! Don't you just want to squeeze her!

As I was putting away dishes one day I discovered this little friend in our blender
Hanalei was in heaven
This was a rare find at the tide pools. I have never seen a sand doller in Hawaii. Infact Breanne picked it up thinking it was a rock. Pretty awesome.
We drove down to the zoo for a day of animals. Jonny and Hanalei were making all the noises for all the animals. They even made up noises for the giraffe. It sounded a lot like a lion. When we got there it was closed because a big water pipe broke. So we went to the aquarium.
It is no fun getting sick especially in your eye.
SHe had to get drops in her eyes every three hours for a week. Poor her and poor me.
A few pics I missed from the trip.
She had a lot of fun with her daddy, even in the coldy snow.
doesn't Rusty look handsome?!
Hanalei thought cutting cookies was fun, but Grandma's M&M dispenser was ever better.
The biggest change for Hanalei was getting rid of her baby crib and getting a big girl bed.
She always wants to help.
This needed a little tweaking...perfect!
Now for the real important work, putting together the toddler bed, and ripping this foam in to teeny tiny pieces.
The First night she took her time falling asleep. She didn't cry, but she was too excited to sleep. The next day for her nap I was really nervous. She cried and cried. I set a time limit for when I would go get her. 20 min later this is what I found. Success! Woo Hoo!
One of Hanalei's favorite words is silly. And one of her favorite people is daddy. Silly Daddy!

We sure do LOVE this Girl!

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