Friday, January 7

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas eve at the Skaff's house.
I busted out the santa trucker hat that my roomates and I made many years ago.
Hanalei is so stinkin adorable in it!
Christmas this year was pretty great! We didn't spend a ton of money cause we are really trying to save our pennies. Plus with a new baby and moving in to a bigger place soon, we are going to be spending enough!

One of Hanalei's favorite gifts from grandma. She played with it all morning.
note the bananas in the background. Our neighbors gave us them because they knew Hanalei loves them.
Foam letters and numbers to nurture Hanalei's love of learning
Daddy and Hanalei playing catch with the wrapping paper balls. You can see her ball on the top of the picture. Good shot ehe?
She loved the shirt Grandma gave her, but she kept calling it a dress. WHenn I opened a shirt from my mom for myself Hanalei grabbed it and put it up to herself saying "dress".
The pants were a little big but she still wanted to wear them that day!

Not hte best Picture of me but you can see my belly a little.
Rusty and I got each other games. We have played both already and had a lot of fun!


Erin said...

how adorable! She is getting so big!

sallie said...

Christmas morning on the porch-I'm thawing just thinking about it!