Monday, May 24

Hanalei, My Toddler

Hanalei Is Learning Like Crazy!

12-14 months

Things I Love:
Mom and Dad
Helicopters, planes
The Moon
Books, my favorites are Airplanes at the Airport, and The Going to Bed Book ( they both have a Moon in them)
Eating strawberries and green onion from the garden
Nursing, but mom is getting stingy
Drawing pictures

Things I No Likey:
Shots and blood work (mom let them do that to me!)
New teeth
Nails being clipped
Diaper changes but I am fighting less

Dada - Daddy
Dah - Dog
Mama - Mommy
Doll - Ball
Ah o - Uh oh
Oohh- Moon
Woo woo - doggy noise
Doe - No

All done
Thank you
Wash Hands

Sunday, May 23

Mother's Day

For Mother's day this Year I wanted to go play tennis. So instead of going out to a nice place to eat I decided that I would rather have Rusty beat me in tennis. I hate losing. Next year I will take the dinner. But I did get a lovely lei from my hubby. It smelt delicious.

So looking back on this last year as a new mother, I have enjoyed my roller coaster ride. The ups just seem to be getting more and more thrilling and bring me pure joy. Those downs can bring me down and get me so frustrated but are quickly forgotten when hanalei gives me a zerbert on my tummy. I love that girl, more than I have loved anything. She makes me happy everyday! I am so grateful to be a mother. It makes me grateful for my own mother. It makes me feel grateful for my Father and my husband. It makes me especially grateful to know I have a Heavenly Father who has given us a plan and so many tools to raise this child in faith.