Thursday, October 7

18 Months...Finally!

A rare sight...Hanalei keeping anything in her hair

This is an age I've been waiting for. She will finally be in Nursery! I will actually be able to listen during Sunday School.
All joking aside, this is such a fun age. We have gone from two naps to one. A hard transition but much needed. This gives us lots of time to do fun things in the morning. And because we pushed the nap back to 12 noon, we wake up happy and stay happy for the evening.

Things I'm Doing:
  • Running and therefore falling a lot (fun at the beach not so fun other places)
  • Asking what's that about everything even stuff I already know
  • Repeating words Mom or Dad teach me (she is a sponge right now)
  • Turning the oven dial (so Naughty)
  • Saying Jonny when we drive to Haleiwa
  • "Helping" in the Kitchen
Enjoying the cinnamon apples for dad's 2nd place Ice cream entry, Carmel Apple
Everything is more fun with a friend
Things I Love:
  • When Mom and Dad sing "Jesus wants me for a Sun Beam" (she requests it often by saying bean! and then Jumping. Before we can finish the song she is saying and signing again!
  • Still in love with the Moon and Stars
  • Signing Time (we got some new DVDs that are teaching colors, zoo animals, etc)
  • Coloring (now that she can sign and say colors she asks to do this activity a lot)
  • Playing in my tunnel
  • Climbing in any box or other tight spaces
  • Playing/exploring under the house (our house is raised and we keep her old toys and food storage under there. She likes to dig in the dirt.)
  • Moped Rides with Dad
  • Playing Peek-a-boo in the closet
  • Being chased, or chasing mom and dad
Box Car Classic with a Kitty Twist
She actually got stuck in this hole and cause her quite the scare
Not too many brown Lizzards by our house.
Rusty saved this one from our ferocious kitty then gave him some pineapple


Breanne Garcia said...

We love Hanalei! I know what you mean about nursery! lol!

Katie said...

Isn't 18 months a great age. And not just because they go to nursery. I love seeing Parkers personality/attitude come out a little more every day.

Bethany said...

So fun! I actually have a picture of McKayla when she was 18 months just like Hanalei in the box...minus the kitty haha, but she did have a stuffed animal. ;) Hanalei actually reminds me a lot of Kayla at that age. What a cutie!

sallie said...

OK my fav pix is Hanalei in the box with Ginger ba... I mean Murry-or is it fleabag. Well anywho-I love that girl and I'm gonna kiss her and hug her and call her george in 14 days!!!