Wednesday, September 8

16 and 17 Months

My How Time Flies...
Things I'm Doing Now:
Playing under the house while mom gardens
Only taking one nap
Talking and Signing like crazy
Saying names of people I love
Playing more independently
Playing "Boo Boo" in the Closet (peek-a-boo)
Pointing to Mom's Tummy and saying Baby
Moving and Lifting things like her chair and boxes
Jumping off rocks at the beach Into Mom's arms
Sun bathing in the sand
Swimming and going for a ride on the paddle board

What's for Dinner?
She loves getting in to small spaces like a cat
Boxes are her favorite
She has become quite the climber, up the chair on to the table
This picture captures two of her favorite things; poop and any book with Jesus in it.

Things I love:
Jesus (She finds him everywhere. Books paintings. She always pulls out the scriptures and flips through until she finds a picture of "Jee Jee")
Stacking Cups
Baby Signing Time
Purses and shoes, mostly mom's shoes
"Helping" in the kitchen
Geckos Kitties and Dogs
The Moon (She wakes up requesting the "moon please") and Stars
Eating tomatoes and strawberries from the garden
Food that I can dip in Ranch
Moped and wagon rides with dad
Helicopters and Airplanes! I hear them from miles away.

Which purse goes best with my blue dog
She loves her playmate Jonny. Usually she just watches "Jah Jah" run and laughs at everything he does.
That last hour of church is brutal. Dad took her outside. A few more weeks till nursery.

Things I'm Saying and Signing in Red:
Things I'm Only Signing in Black:
Things I only Say in Blue:

Apple-Bapl Ball Banana-Nana Baby Bath Blanket Boat Bubbles Bus Car
Carrot Cold Cookie Dada Day Dirty-Dido Dog Down Fishy Food Go
Grandma-Mama Grandpa-BahBap Hat Helicopter-Too Too Too Hot
Horse Hurt-owie Juice Kitty Mom Moon Nice Night Outside Please
Shoe Sky Sleep Sorry Thank You-DayDo Train-Choo Choo Up

Airplane Balloon Bear Bike Bird Book Brush Teeth Bug Cereal Clean
Coat Cracker Diaper Doll Drink Flower Friend Game Laugh Leaf Milk
More Music New Peach Pear Play Potty Rain Sad Share Snow Soap
Socks Star Sun Telephone Wait Wash Hands Water Where Wind Yes
Chicken Duck Jay Jesus Jonny Mo'o-Momo No Piko (belly Button)-Dido

Animal Sounds:
Chicken Bababa
Dog-Woo woo woo
Monkey-Ahh ahh ahh
Rooster-Do do do

Nothing says Summer like a big slice of Watermelon
Is this the craziest cutest mullet you ever did see? It's actually starting to curl in the back. The other day I tried putting it into pig tails and it was ridiculous. I was just laughing for the 2 min. she left them in.


Peter and Jen Bell said...

She is so darling. Will you email me?

I'm coming to Hawaii.

Lindsey Graves said...

Look at all that hair! She looks like she's at such a fun stage. Although it also looks like she's into everything!

So I totally laughed at your comment saying you would let your sister have her way and decorating your entire place, I would LOVE to do the same only my sister said she wouldn't agree to help unless I chose a style to go after. haha, aren't sisters the best?!

Ace said...

Sooooo cute! Although, I still can't tell which of you she looks like more. ??

Goldia said...

She is adorable!

Ryan Smith said...

Hey guys long time no see. Call me if you guys can 716-601-9648 :)