Friday, July 22

Yosemite with the Rueckerts Part 1

Our trip started off a little hectic. Rusty left his carry on at the gate in Honolulu. So before we could meet up with his family we had to go shopping. Why didn't I forget my bag!? He had two pairs of underwear. Needless to say, we did a lot of laundry.

The first night with the Rueckerts we stayed at this cabin.
Don't you just love this swing?!
While Rusty went off on a grand adventure with his dad, Spring and Rondi,
Kendra and I walked around the village with the kids.
I am sure Kendra and I were more tired after our day
We were constantly surrounded by amazing views.
Here Hanalei points out yet another waterfall.
Cool picture of my daredevil family
Plenty of rocks to climb and fall off of
Yosemite Falls behind them
Waimea along for the ride
Probably Hanalei's favorite part was the bus.
She was very excited to ride probably because
she wasn't strapped in a car seat
We took the bus a lot
Both of my kids were troopers, sleeping when they could
The roots of a giant sequoia
When we saw the deer hanalei was done hiking.
We sent the others ahead to see the sights and
we enjoyed a family of deer
What's the sign for deer?
We told her that they were a family. So she kept saying
"Daddy deer, Mommy Deer, Brother Deer, Sister Deer"
She is adorable
Five gems in this Picture.
One Giant Sequoia, Two deer, and Two Cute Boys
Can you tell they are ready for a REAL nap
Check out the size of that pine cone...and that baby!
While we waited for the bus to take us back,
Hanalei played on these tree stumps
Typical boy, teasing the girls
It was a fun adventure.
We are excited to do it again when the kids are older


Ben and Summer said...

Looks like tons of fun! And gorgeous country:) I can sympathize - we've been visiting family for a week and my kids are also ready for a REAL nap and a schedule. Thanks for the pictures!

Carissa said...

did you stay at a KOA?? I'd recognize that cabin anywhere ;) looks like a blast!