Thursday, August 21

Open House!!

I made it through another open house! Talk about a long day. I left at 7:00 am to go to work and left my class at 8:00 pm to go home. Yikes was I tired!

It was great though. I had a chance to talk to many parents. Discuss their child's strengths and those things that are making life...hard for me. I had a constant flow of questions and discussions with parents for about an hour and a half. At 7:45 It finally died down. I drove home watched some olympic divers. And it was time for bed.

All those discussions with parents, all though very helpful for both parties in the classroom, Gave me way too much to think about in my dreams. I woke up at 2:30 wide awake with a million things on my mind. Ok 21 students. Now thats crossing the line. I need a little break from those guys and sleep is that break. Needless to say today I am exhausted. I need some Ice Cream...spoon fed. Any volunteers?


Petrell Fam said...

Hey, you two look great together! Sounds like you've had a lot of fun. We are in, woohoo, Utah of all places. Having fun. Raising a kid. You know, the usual. You do a lot better job than i do with your blog updates.

Just want you to know...every time i walk past the reflection pond i think of you in your seagull costume on Halloween night '04, and i have to chuckle. Just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts often.


Jennifer said...

I think that as long as your insistent on the "spoon fed" part your going to have to beg Rusty:-) Hope after all those talks with parents things get better where there were problems. Emily and Chase have open houses on Monday and Tuesday and then start school on Thursday. I'm hoping we have a better year than last year.

Heather Bitsch said...

Oh, when you track someone down to do the spoon feeding let me know, I want in on that.
So I can't believe you were here in Boise, floating down the river and everything and you didn't call! I would have met you anywhere. Don't worry, I don't hate you, I'm just bummed that you were practically floating by my house and I didn't even get to see you.
Have fun with all your free time consumed with all 21. I'm so excited I have a semester off! yay, then it is another year and a half of nose to the grindstone.

mel said...

haaa. I hear you, I have started editing in my sleep, I was even brainstorming about new ideas for the back page of the magazine. I wake-up and think, can i JUST get a break?!! Hope school is going well :)

Yani said...

Lala how are you , this is Yaneth White! , we hang out in Huntinton Beach and later on you were hausemates with my siste Alex, I also have a blog it is private so i will need your e-mail..this is my
.It was fun to see your blog. You look very happy!

sweetieabbott said...

The stresses of being a teacher, at least you have Rusty to rub your feet and feed you ice cream at the end of the day. ;)

Oly and Bre's Blog said...

Hey! Sorry I haven't talked to you forever! sorry i am in a time warp or something! we need to get together soon!

AJ and Marian said...

Hey, i just found you blog. You look great. how are you do? Add me to your blog and I hope to hear from you soon.