Monday, November 2

Apple Farm

Hanalei and I recently went to California to visit the family. It was good times as usual. One of the highlights was going to the Apple Farm up in the mountains. I wasn't really prepared for the cold. While I could still feel my toes we managed to pick some yummy raspberries.

New Tastes
New Stains
We all pitched in to make some cider. First we had to put the apples in water.
Next you suck on your fingers like so.
Then some one stated cranking while others dropped apples in the grinder.
The guy helping us was a hoot. He had about 4 visible teeth. He told us not to worry if their were stems or leaves on the apples. He said sometimes bees will get grinded up but they just add vitamins to the cider. Any guesses as to which vitamin? Vitamin Bee! That joke was funny the first time he told it, not so much the second time.
good form
Next we had to press all the apple chunks down, catching only the juice
funnel that cider into the jug
last, have a photo op with the man behind the cider magic.
After this the gang picked pumpkins from the patch, I didn't get any pics because I was feeding Hanalei and trying not to freeze. Then we had some yummy treats from the bakery. Good times had by all.


D. and A. Cox said...

lol, I love the picture of you cranking - you tell that gizmo, Lala! Cute pics!

M. said...

you look slightly scary in that one photo. LIke the mean, yell-all-the-time coach. But the rest looks fun ;)

p.s. I need your email I think, to invite you to my blog! (not saying you have to read it)

Jennifer said...

Yeah! The rest of the Wilcox crew got to enjoy an apple squeeze! How fun that you all went up there. I had no idea. Anyway...didn't ya love the cider!