Thursday, November 26

8 Months

Things I'm Doing Now:

*I can stand all on my own
*I am!
*I am eating baby food again
*Sleeping better at night(I get up to eat @ 4)
*Climbing up the step to our house
*Climbing onto my chair, then standing on it

Things I Love:
*My Kitty, birds, dogs (from a distance)
*Bike Rides
*That's not My Puppy book
*Knocking Down the Blocks
*Walking with Mom or Dad holding my hands
*Baby Signing Time! (I would watch it all day!)
*Mom's Cinnamon rolls...yum!

Things I no likey:
*When mom leaves my sight
*my face wiped
*one of our neighbors...I won't mention names but he makes me cry every time I see him)


Katie said...

It's so fun when these little ones start to do new things (especially sleep better). It will be fun to see our two play together in a month.

Ryan and Megan said...

Dang, that girl is talented!

Katie said...

Just a thought. . . isn't Hanalei 9 months? Either way she looks to be doing great.