Monday, July 6

Waipio Valley

This picture for some reason reminds me of the last scene of Goonies, after they find the treasure. Pretty.
So this is Waipio. A little prettier Than the Waipio of Oahu. To get here you have to either walk down a very steep road or four wheel drive it. The last time we were on the big Island we walked. It was a lot nicer driving. You get to this black sand beach and some amazing views.
Hanalei was not too excited about the wind, so I covered her with Kendra's surong. She eventually feel asleep.
The waves were crashing pretty high on the rocks. I think Mike and Kendra could have stayed there all day. THe ocean is a powerful and mesmerizing force.
The ocean carved this rock into a beautiful sculpture.
Beyond this drift wood you can see the end goal. A waterfall. When we came last year there was a second falls that was even larger. It was amazing. I guess they haven't had as much rain this year because we passed right by the place and it was completely dry.
THe Prize.
Hanalei was happy to be done with the hike and under some trees.


Kelsey Kamauu said...

so awesome! I love Waipio valley and we have a painting of the left side with the "dried up" waterfall you are talking about in our house! So fun - we drove down but didn't do much exploring when we went cuz Kia realized AFTER we got down there that we really didn't have 4-wheel drive. :/ I would love to go back - how fun for you guys! I am amazed at the people that actually live in that valley...

Jennifer said...

If you ever come to see me here...I can take you to the real goonies beach! And twighlight central if your a groupie.