Tuesday, July 21

The Big Move...4 months

No we're not moving...but Hanalei did. Into her big girl crib! I can't believe how tiny she looked the first time we put her in it. She was getting way to big for her basinet.
Now she can spread out!
A litttle update on Hanalei... as she approaches 4 months
Hanalei Loves:
  • sitting and standing with help
  • sucking on everything, blankets, toys, hands, washcloths
  • trying to roll over (she has done it but not mastered the technique)
  • the fan but they are growing apart
  • grabbing toys, hair, the kitty, leaves or anything in reach
  • being outside under trees, she could spend hours outside and we usually do
  • to sing when I play the Ukulele
  • to sit in her bumbo chair and play with her toy
  • the beach for about 15 mins and then is ready to go. Luckily its across the street.
We love our little munchkin. How could we not!


The Shoogs said...

Ah so cute. She is growing. Seems like yesterday she was bron. Take care, ShawnDawg

Oly and Bre's Blog said...

Looks like she is loving the space in her big girl crib! I loved it when she was "talking" at the beach yesterday! So cute!

Tiffany J said...

Cute bedding! She does look tiny but it won't be long before she's trying to crawl out of it...time flies! She is super cute!

Katie said...

Yipee for big baby beds. Hanalei's eyes are georgous. It is so fun to see these babies learn everything one day at a time.

ashley said...

lala!!!! hello! i was just talking about you with monica at the beach on friday and she said you had a cute baby girl and then i was on echos blog and saw lala on the side and clicked and here i am. so hello! congrats on the cute lil girl and i will be back to stalk you again!

oh, and this is ashley (billings) moffat by the way!

Jess said...

I love how you added the beach to the list of things she loves when both you and Hanalei know very well that she doesn't love it! Keep trying but don't live in denial ;)

RuSty and LaLa said...

your right she hates its but I am going to keep trying

Ryan and Megan said...

Oh Hanalei- that gorgeous little angel child who looks just like her adoring aunty megan. I love her!! Okay so- the other night... my dad called- ryan wanted to eat dinner- ryan wanted to watch a show, blah blah blah.... since then my free time has been pretty much in the mornings which would be around 4:00 AM your time- didn't think you'd conscious enough to listen to my rantings then- and now we're out of town. I'll call you when we get back though, PINKY PROMIS!! Can't wait to catch up!

Andrea said...

I love to see Hanalei in her her moo moos. She is such a cutie!