Wednesday, July 1

Father's/Blessing Day

Hanalei was blessed on Father's day. We were so glad that both sets of Grandparents could be there for Hanalei's special day. The morning of the blessing was a little hectic. Normally she is so happy for church because she sleeps really well right before church. With the extra noise that company brings she was off her schedule and cranky. I had to take her out during the announcements to calm her. When I handed her off to Rusty to do the blessing she started up again. Rusty started the blessing, paused and Hanalei stopped crying. Rusty was pretty emotional. I am so happy to have such an amazing husband. He is hard working, loving, handsome, fun, and worthy of the priesthood and promptings of the spirit. I love him so much. Hanalei and I are lucky to have him!


Katie said...

I love how Mike is holding the cat. He couldn't hold it with much more affection (j/k)!!!

Way to kick off Rusty's first Father's Day with a bang.

Hanalei sure looks like a pleasant child.

Ben and Summer said...

I have to be honest - my first thought is: Hey look, Rusty does wear shirts!

What a cutie pie! Love the blessing dress, and what a special father's day. Congrats Rusty on his first, and many more to come! I definitely hear you about company putting off the baby's schedule. Yuck. But so neat that both sets of grandparents could be there! (I wish I had such a good excuse to have to go to Hawaii). Susie, you look fabulous. Love you guys!

Lindsey said...

I love that Rusy's dad is holding the cat. Such a nice blessing and such a CUTE baby!

Built Ford Tough said...

Rusty we love you, wish we could have been there for that special fathers blessing day. We miss you guys tons! Lala I still can't get over that you are a mom... Hanalei is one lucky girl. I'm sure you are the best mommy. Can't wait to hang out with you guys!!